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UK diploma industrial design diploma and institutional analysis

Britain as very early state of industrialization, industrial design major in the UK have many British schools, in the domestic university is industrial design related specialized student, can choose the professional study in industrial design, the following will introduce some British industrial design professional universities.
British industrial design is the design of industrial products based on engineering, aesthetics and economics. In addition to considering the function of the product, the design should also take into account the aesthetic feeling.
British industrial design is a new discipline formed after industrialization.
Britain enjoys a high reputation in the field of design, industrial design is also one of the strengths, after a bachelor's degree in industrial design undergraduate course in China, can come to Britain to continue to study in the same professional master degree.
Britain's industrial design professional Settings are divided into: product design and environmental facility design, visual communication design, digital design, exhibition and display design direction of five major topics, mainly for descriptive geometry and shadow perspective, preliminary foundation courses, such as engineering drawings, design and visual communication design and principle, product design and principle, environmental facilities design, industrial design engineering and the principle, the history of industrial design and other professional backbone course and related series.
Industrial design courses are evaluated through design projects, academic papers, case studies, presentations, presentations, and business proposals.
Many postgraduate courses in UK universities are aimed at improving students' professional ability and innovation ability, and some art design, such as three-dimensional design or sketch.
Some work closely with the actual industry, encourage individuals to create new works, design new products, etc.
Graduates who learn product design can do a lot of work, ranging from professional industrial or product designers to product design consultants.
Many university product design majors combine with other related courses and offer different directions.
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Advantages of industrial design in the UK:
Industrial Design and Technology Product Design in Business MA;
Interaction Design MA;
Design and Innovation for Sustainability MA;
2D and 3D Visualisation MA/MSc;
Animation and Visualisation MSc;
The Product Design MSc;
MA Design;
Product Design Engineering MSc, etc
Central saint Martin
Central saint martins art and Design school is one of the university of the arts London underneath the composition of the college, the school is famous for its fashion Design, graphic Design and Industrial Design, is equipped with Industrial Design masters (MA Industrial Design).
Two-year master of industrial design course, international students tuition 9500 pounds a year, plus 50 materials, plans to admission in the fall of this year's students can now contact the school began to apply for.
The course entrance requirements are as follows: in addition to undergraduate outstanding achievement, usually requires applicants to have at least one years of professional experience in related field, including product design, three-dimensional design or furniture design.
Professional experience in ceramic design, interface design, architecture, fine arts, jewelry design, engineering, etc. With industrial design is also helpful to the application.
The course is taught in English, and the English requirement for the applicant is 6.5.
Loughborough university
The university of loughborough university in leicestershire, England, has a one-year master's degree in industrial design, which costs 10,990 pounds per year.
Entrance requirement: grade first-class or second-class industrial design or related course level result, relevant work experience can increases the chances of admission, applicants must also show design work, including manuscripts, finished products, computer drawings or photographs.
English admission requirements for the ielts average of 6.5, listening, reading, reading and writing should not be lower than 6.0, and the ielts score of the students who are not enrolled can participate in pre-class English training courses.
In addition, students attending the master's program of industrial design in the university also have an opportunity to practice in the design industry
Other British universities:
University of central Lancashire, bournemouth university, university of Essex, mead, university of London goldsmiths college, Kingston university, the university of Dundee, loughborough university, the university of Glasgow, brunel university, aston university, Nottingham trent university, Sheffield hallam university, and so on
Admission requirements:
1) at least 2-2 degree
2) provide the relevant portfolio, which is the key to the application
3) the ielts requirement is usually 6.5
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