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Don't teach your child this way, not only does he seem ill-bred to be a man!

What is education?
It is the result of social influence, family education, school education and personal accomplishment, especially the moral standard of behavior in the family.
A child's words and actions reflect the family's education results, the children behind represent the quality of the parents, this is called breeding.
In many cases, parents always care about their children's physical health and academic performance, but they forget to discipline their children.
Following these examples, can you find familiar shadows? Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
"Snakes don't know they're poisonous. They don't know they're wrong."
In the park, girl A and girl played house games, somehow, girl A suddenly grabbed the girl B's hair, girl B and cried.
Girl A is ready to start again, girl B mother went over to stop, and say: "little friend, how do you catch sister hair?
That's not right!"
The mother of girl A didn't think she was glad to hear that, and said, "you won't touch her, she will catch your hair, and besides, my daughter doesn't need you to teach!"
At one meal, a distant relative brought his son, who liked the fish meatballs on the table, but only a few.
At this time, the little boy turned the fish balls to himself, licked each fish meatball, then put them back on the plate, and sat down to eat slowly.
Next to her mother, she saw the child's behavior not only without stopping, but also smiling at the child, the expression seems to say "my child is so clever".
This is my recent record of the real event, can only say: what kind of parents, will be able to teach what kind of child!
Some parents always feel that their children do not suffer, but do not reflect on the behavior of their children to offend others, always with the children small, not sensible to take off.
When I was a child, I would be accused of being uneducated.
When you grow up, you will be told that you have no quality.
All the time, children will only suffer in the future. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
"It's better to be educated than to be rich."
I remember one time at a restaurant when I came in a little boy dressed in rags. The waiter saw it and drove away. The little boy kept saying, "I'll find someone to go!"
After a while, the little boy cried out and found him. He came to a beautiful girl and said, "sister, your wallet has dropped out!"
The girl looked at her purse and found everything. After saying thank you, she took out 100 yuan to thank the little boy, but the boy refused and said, "I didn't pay for the money."
It is a child's upbringing, poor or rich, a well-bred child who always receives praise and recognition from others.
So, how do you make your child educated? Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Parents should give their children a good example, and use words and actions to influence their children.
2. Always understand the child's inner thoughts and understand the inner feelings of the child so that only the child can understand others slowly.
The most basic etiquette parents must teach their children!
Say "please" when you are in trouble and say "thank you" when others help. These basic words must be learned.
Parents should remember that when a child makes a mistake, it is important to let him take on some responsibility instead of thinking about the responsibility of the child.
All said that the child is the shadow of the parents, the parents are the children's best teachers, the parents are radiating the breeding atmosphere, the children will also be absorbed!
Please remember one sentence: people care not the behavior of the bear children, but the attitude of the parents of the bear! Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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