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Introduction to the etiquette of studying life in Australia

The Chinese nation is a formal state, when it comes to etiquette etiquette everyone not unfamiliar, sure but different culture, especially in Australia's oceans apart, although the general etiquette in the same direction, but there are some different details need to pay attention to, small make up in the following article list, to let's remind students to study abroad.
The important thing is to avoid shame. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Respect your elders
Aussies show respect for their elders, but not as formally as in Asian countries.
They will give their seats to the elderly in the car, or make a handbag for a relative or friend older than they are, but not to mention a briefcase or show special respect for their brother and sister.
It's not uncommon to quarrel with your parents at home.
At school, students often ask the teacher.
In college, teachers want students to criticize their speeches or textbooks.
Different people have different opinions. They have the power to express themselves politely.
Discussions are valuable, and if you're not sure how to express yourself in this situation, sit down and watch and listen, then join in.
Personal relationship
Relationships with other students or friends will be very different from yours in your own country.
But you don't have to change yourself, so you feel bad.
If you don't want to do it, you can reject the demands of others because they will respect your opinion.
In Australia, it's not uncommon for men and women to go to a movie or concert together, and no one thinks you have a special relationship.
But it's more of a group of people moving together so you're more likely to master yourself. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Customs and habits
Some people in Australia are reluctant to live in government-provided housing, preferring to live in squalor.
The Australian outfit, like western europeans, is dressed in a suit and tie.
The clothes of the people were also the same as those of western europeans. The difference was that their clothes were seldom washed and they were dirty.
There was also a naked man, or a cloth covering his waist.
Some wore armbands, collars, foreheads and bony nasal needles.
During the festival, they painted all kinds of colors on their bodies.
Australians generally like to eat cow, mutton, chicken, duck, egg, game, etc.
The dish should be light, delicate, not spicy, and interested in Chinese food.
Love all kinds of Fried eggs, scrambled eggs, cold dishes, ham, shrimp, fish, tomatoes, etc.
Western food likes to eat cream grilled fish, Fried prawns, assorted collage, baked tomatoes and so on.
After the meal
After eating, be sure to help your guests pack, but don't rush to do the dishes.
Many australians are very particular about plates, bowls, forks, spoons, and glasses, all of which have different washing methods and are placed in different places.
After the meal, there will be some dessert and fruit. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Some will provide after-dinner drinks.
This one is very casual. buy Australia degree

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