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Buy college diploma studying abroad is more important than geography

Studying in the United States, professional and urban, has always been an important issue.
Went to the United States and the domestic, and went to the United States are you from the great motherland, the republic of the United States, you are not a citizen, even not legal residents, which is even the temporary residence permits of the United States. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
As we in the study of economics or sociology or mathematical problem solving, you changed a premise, a limited changed, so that you can get the optimal solution, of course, also want to change.
First, identity causes change in policy variables, so your internship in the United States will change with your major!
If STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is a bachelor degree, you can extend your Optional Practical Training for 17 months to get the total of 29 months of OPT.
But the humanities are not that easy. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
We know very well that OPT determines that you can find an internship in the United States and then determine the opportunity to work.
So, the humanities and business management disciplines, you can't find the right job, and the internship is due, so you'll have to come back!
Second, America's national conditions are changing.
Back to the urbanization variables, China is a developing country with a high speed of urbanization. The United States is a country with a high degree of urbanization.
This is, of course, second, and more importantly, the freedom and fairness of American employment, the flow of people across the region, and the free movement and accumulation of all resources, which is very, very marketable.
Instead of China on the west coast of the Pacific, local protectionism in different parts of the continent is very serious, and people, capital, resources and flows have regional barriers.
If your father and mother are foreign trade and domestic trade, you know that foreign trade is much lower than the cost of domestic trade.
In short, the contrast between the marketization of social resources and the non-market resistance is too stark.
So, if you're in a small village in the United States and you're in a good job, you can still be free to send your resume, interview, intern, and work.
But it's also important to limit your legal policy.
Of course, it's not that studying in the United States is not important.
It's also important, and it's related to industry, industry, and economic geography.
But, because you have an international identity, you should consider whether your major is good for employment and staying, until you consider networking.
For those of you who don't plan to stay in the United States, you're going to return to your country.
Because if you don't have the resource advantage, you still don't have the competitive advantage of the job market.
Therefore, to study in the United States, whether you are going to be employed locally or to return to the state of employment, most of the students will have to choose the major first and then consider the geographical factors. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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