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What are the top paid majors in Singapore, buy university siplomas

You choose to study abroad graduation card is often linked and future employment direction, choose what kind of professional can have an advantage in the job, so as to gain a satisfactory salary? buy diploma
Come to see Singapore high pay profession!
1. Computer science, network and software university graduation certificate of highly paid professional: buy high school diploma
1) professional introduction:
To study in Singapore, with the development of commercial world and electronic development, computer, Internet and software majors are becoming more and more important, both domestic and foreign work needs are getting higher and higher.
They are based on the practice of IT in business and other fields.
These major learning points are the use of IT in practice.
Information technology is to complete these calculations and necessary program planning to make business information faster processing and protection.
E-commerce and cyber security are the most cutting-edge professional types in planning, security and buying and selling of the company's online sales platform.
2) business scope:
Collection and analysis of business information;
Research and accounting of shopping mall data;
Planning and management of internal data processing platform;
Planning, protection and management of online trading or trading platforms;
Business platform security, etc.
2. Professional hotel management, travel management, meeting management and gambling entertainment overseas graduation certificate:
1) professional introduction:
Do you think that studying hotel management can only be limited to hotel assignments?
In fact, in hotel management and travel management, the most important thing is to learn to coordinate all aspects of the relationship, so as to reach a total collaboration to help the company achieve the best interests.
To study in Singapore, so long as master the modern travel company operation management theory and method, can be a travel company and other related work operation management.
Not to mention, hotel management has always been one of the top 10 most sought-after jobs in the world.
And high-end hotel management talent has always been in short supply in the world, has become the high - paying class in the workplace. buy college diploma
2) business scope:
Hotel department;
Hotel communications department;
Travel agency;
The tour guide.
Department of travel administration;
Travel e-commerce company;
Travel planning agency;
Major celebrity clubs;
Conference centre;
Customer service
3. Logistics management and supply chain management of high-paying professional:
1) professional introduction:
Go to Singapore to study university diploma, the logistics in our country originated in the 20th century 80 time, it not only contains the transport, distribution, storage, and thinking for the purchase of raw materials from suppliers to produce, produce in the commodity production in the process of delivery, warehousing, order processing, customer service organization, terminal, physical distribution and so on various aspects, to get to entirely, inductively to improve the efficiency and save the intention of the capital.
Therefore, the logistics professional "money" way is: only the suppliers, purchase, production, distribution, customer five part of systematic management, to get to maximize the benefit of company, the company all.
2) business scope:
Acquisition of commodities and raw materials;
Processing of orders;
Storage and storage of goods and goods;
Distribution and cost analysis of goods and goods;
Production management;
Electronic commerce, information system management, data analysis collection, data exchange;
Commodity test;
Monitoring and handling of supply chain;
Customer service and customer complaint handling;
Terminal physical goods delivery, services, etc. buy certificate
4. High-paying professional news, media and shopping malls:
1) professional introduction:
To study in Singapore, the news media include television, radio, print media, newspapers, periodicals, network, mobile phone information such as changes in print media, journalists, in text level set image;
To study in Singapore, most of the professional posts in the media, such as advertising planning and modification, include literature, pre-history, technology and other classes, video recording, editing and journalism.
Mall marketing is in the commodity when the beginning of the production activities, centers operate through a series of sale, when the products turn into the hands of the user is finished, so the company's marketing activities are limited to circulation field narrow scale, rather than as a company sold all operation process, which includes market marketing research, product development, pricing, distribution, advertising, promoting reports, sales promotion, personal selling, and after-sales service, etc.
2) business scope:
Marketing manager, customer service manager;
World mall marketing consultation;
Advertising specialist;
Market research;
Public relations manager;
Sales manager;
Advertising planning;
Entertainment journalists;
Director of television, radio and television;
Film and television management, etc.
5. Higher paying professional accounting for overseas study diplomas and finance:
1) professional introduction:
Accounting major is to make the data of various aspects of the operation of the company to be reflected through various statements, the company's tax planning, budget accounting, property management and so on are also accounting areas of the operation.
The management of the management of the management of the management is the tedious details of the problem, the need to be thin, the work can be steadfast and conscientious.
To be engaged in accounting, and to have a sincere, simple character and strong sense of responsibility.
Finance is a highly sought-after subject, and finance majors mainly discuss the laws of modern financial institutions, financial markets and all financial economy.
2) business scope:
To Singapore to study in university degree, major in finance more employed in government and public institutions, the Chinese and foreign Banks, insurance, securities, funds, trust and other financial institutions, financial management institutions, such as: economic forecast analysis and management consulting, foreign trade personnel, management positions, fund managers, securities brokers, stock analysts, etc. buy university diplomas

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