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Become a CMA, you probably need to spend much money?

CMA certificate examination subjects, evidence is short, high gold content, development prospects, in recent years, more and more people apply for CMA. So, test CMA certificate need to spend much money? What is the cost of CMA exams in 2016? CMA Bo Xiaobian to tell you.
IMA member registration fee of 15 US dollars (student members free of charge);
IMA Membership Annual Fee: $ 220 for Professional Members, $ 39 for Student Members, and $ 110 for Teacher Members;
Examination admission fee
Exam access fees must be paid prior to taking the exam. Candidates apply for certified management accountant certification test, you must complete the examination within 3 years. Candidates must register for an exam within 12 months of enrollment, or they will need to re-pay the exam admission fee. If the candidates failed to pass all the two exams within three years after the application, the passed test scores will be invalidated, and candidates will need to re-pay the exam admission fee.
Exam access fees also cover the following:
1. 6 months of unlimited use of certified management accountants.
2. Provide multiple-choice score feedback report.
3. Education qualification certificate and experience qualification certificate review.
4. Use the peer-to-peer network.
5. After the examination, provide the final report card.
6. After all requirements have been met, the certificates are printed and numbered.
7. If required, you may send a notice of obtaining a certificate to your employer.
(Entry fee is $ 225 for professional members and $ 75 for students and academic members.)
The exam fee for each exam is $ 350.
Can be seen, the test out of the CMA certificate, you need to spend nearly 8,000 yuan. But compared with other international certificates, the price is not high, not to mention the gold content of the world for all to see, this investment is very cost-effective.

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