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How do I pass the CMA exam successfully?

How do I pass the CMA exam successfully ?The United States registered management accountant (CMA), known as the global management accounting first card, in the global 180 degree countries, is the only government management accounting certification. 2009 CMA has just been introduced to China, was the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the SASAC and other 16 departments as a national key personnel training program, the Ministry of Commerce for 4 consecutive years issued a red head file requirements subordinate units do management accounting personnel training , The Ministry of Finance has twice visited the IMA headquarters, learn CMA. CMA gold content and practicality has been recognized by government departments and the market, then how can we pass the CMA examination?
To pass the CMA exam, master the following skills can definitely play a multiplier effect:
First, develop an effective learning program. Everyone's ability to learn, not the same basis, we have to develop according to their actual situation an effective learning program. For example, some financial basis for a good candidate, you can choose to use the lunch break in the unit time to see an hour of the book, work free time to read, go home and busy children and housework look at at least 1 hour book. Every day to see some, and then in the next day with half an hour to study the contents of the previous day review it again, the effect will be very good, consistent with the law of the human brain memory curve.
Second, more problems. More to do is not to say that the problem of sea tactics, but to use the typical case to make knowledge points to master, but also can effectively improve the speed of doing their own questions.
Third, strict control of time. Although the CMA exam has 4 hours of answer time, but to complete the 100 multiple-choice questions and two discussion questions pressure is still very large. So we have to pass strict control of time to complete. How to do it? You need to pay attention to the problem-solving skills. For example, when doing multiple-choice questions, we must get the points are hand. Multiple choice questions too complicated too difficult, you can first be a marker, free to choose an answer to fill in, until all the papers answer and then back to view. Do not spend too much time entangled in individual small problems. CMA exam, compared to many professional examinations, relatively easy to a lot, so do not give yourself too much burden on my heart.
Fourth, apply for training courses. Candidates who apply for the CMA exam are mostly in-service personnel, there is no time to learn, there is no excessive energy to the actual application. If you can have a high-quality course, you can follow the teacher's rhythm anytime, anywhere related to learning, all knowledge will be mastered, for them is the best choice.
Early examination of the CMA certificate, to the management accounting transformation, why management accounting is the general trend? Why is management accounting able to help financial people out of the woods? Very important one reason is because it adapts to the market and the enterprise development. Enterprise and market is a complementary relationship. Management accountants can improve performance management, cost control, risk assessment and so on through the investigation of enterprises and the control of various departments, employees, and processes of the enterprise, but also through financial analysis, Management, financial decision-making, etc. for the management to provide strategic decision-making support and basis for the enterprise to achieve the role of wealth creation.
These contents are the future direction of the development of financial people, but also management accounting can provide the reasons for the financial asylum, but also the financial transformation of the power. In addition, management accounting, or how the development of the machine age can not be eliminated is that the pattern of globalization no matter how deep can not be replaced, because it is the content of the need through analysis, management can produce results, and this is all walks of life Industry employers value.

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