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Popular science time: Canada's most popular students of the province is which?

As the land area of ​​the world's second largest country, Canada, whether north-south span or east-west span is very large, although in the same country, but the gap between different provinces is also numerous to countless. Vancouver in the west can be like spring, but the eastern provinces of the winter but really can be frozen to death. Select Ontario is bound to be in a prosperous, if the Prince Edward Island to study and can fully experience the beauty of small cities.
Which city should you choose?
Ontario is the country's first large population province, a total population of 13,874,000 people, accounting for 38.5% of the country, the province's area of ​​1,076,395 km2, the provincial capital of Toronto.
Ontario is Canada's most proud of a province, the first place in the key location, with the country's largest city of Toronto, and is the seat of Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is the world-famous Miaogara Falls. And Ontario is the province with the most prestigious Canadian universities.
School Recommended:
Ontario's schools are the most in all provinces, the first appearance must be the University of Toronto, the set of thousands of pet in the presence of one. University of Waterloo in Waterloo is also in many ways in the world, recognized. Queens University in Kingston, McMaster University in Hamilton, University of Western Ontario in London, Ottawa University in Ottawa, Carlton University is the elite in the elite.
Quebec is Canada's second most populous province, with a population of 8,295,000 people, accounting for 23.1% of the country, the province's 1,543,056 km2, the capital of Quebec City.
Quebec is Canada's largest land area, the official language is French, is the North American French cultural center, but the area of ​​Quebec is about 3 times that of France. Montréal is the largest city in the province of Quebec and the second largest French-speaking city after Paris, the capital of Quebec City, the oldest city in North America, cobblestone streets, French architecture and so on. among them.
School Recommended:
Quebec's prestigious universities are clustered in two of the province's cities, with Montréal, McGill, Montréal and Concordia, and Quebec City with low-key, low-profile Laval universities.
BC is Canada's third most populous province, with a population of 4,707,000 people, accounting for 13.1% of the country's total area of ​​944,735 km2, the provincial capital of Victoria.
The province is located in western Canada, the west by the Pacific Ocean, other Zan not say, BC is the most prominent feature of the scenic beauty, good climate, if not fully understand the environment here, how good, think about Vancouver, , Should also be able to know ten out of ten. BC is cool in the summer, and in winter it is not as cold as any other province. It rarely snows in the winter, and it does not last long, but it rains regularly.
School Recommended:
First of all, one of the three prestigious UBC is located in Vancouver, whether it is studying or future immigration, whether academic or life, here will be the best choice. Simon Fischer University in Burnaby has long been ranked first in the Mecoxlane Comprehensive Rankings, and Victorian University in Victoria is also a worthwhile choice.
Alberta, Canada's fourth most populous province, has a population of 4,232,000 people, accounting for 11.7% of the country, the province's area of ​​661,848km2, the provincial capital of Edmonton.
Alberta, one of the most prairie provinces in Canada, Canada's most spectacular Rocky Mountains throughout the province, rich in oil and natural gas, can be said that this is one of Canada's richest provinces, but the cost of living in this province is not very high, Edmonton is located in the province's geographical center, the emerging city of Calgary is full of enthusiasm and opportunities, the annual denim festival is a global event.
School Recommended:
University of Alberta, located in the provincial capital of Edmonton, is the object of admiration for many studying parties, the University of Calgary in the emerging city of Calgary in recent years has also made outstanding achievements in the major rankings.
Introduction to other provinces
Canada has a total of 10 provinces, more than four of the most popular, but also the largest number of provinces, but the rest of the provinces, although the population is a little less, a small area, the visibility of the points, Also does not mean here there is no choice, small cities will have the advantage of small cities, after all, there will be some good universities waiting for you.
Nova Scotia is the seventh largest population province in Canada, with a population of 945,800 people, accounting for 2.6% of the country, the province's area of ​​55,284 km2, the capital of Halifax.
School Recommendation: University of Halifax in the strength of Dell House should not be underestimated.
Manitoba is the fifth most populous province in Canada, with a population of 1,304,000 people, accounting for 3.6% of the country, the province's area of ​​647,797 km2, the provincial capital of Winnipeg.
School Recommended: University of Manitoba, Brandon University
Saskatchewan is Canada's sixth most populous province, with a population of 1,143,000 people, accounting for 3.2% of the country, the province's area of ​​651,036 km2, the provincial capital of Regina.
School Recommendation: Saskatoon University in Saskatoon.
New Brunswick is Canada's eighth most populous province, with a population of 754,700 people, accounting for 2.1% of the country, the province's area of ​​72,908 km2, the provincial capital of Fredericton.
School Recommended: University of Moncton
Prince Edward Island is the least populous province in Canada, with a population of 146,900 people, accounting for 0.4% of the country, the province's area of ​​5,660 km2, the capital of Charlottetown.
School Recommendation: Prince Edward Island University
Newfoundland's population ranks ninth in the country, with a total of 528,300 people, accounting for 1.5%, the province's area of ​​405,720 km2, the provincial capital of St John.
School Recommendation: Newfoundland Memorial University
What is your favorite dream school? Which is your favorite province?

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