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Having a foreign diploma gives you more confidence in your job search

Liu, a hangzhou person, immediately flew to the UK to continue studying after graduating from the international economic law of zhejiang university in 2001.
"Zhejiang university has a strong atmosphere of studying abroad, and over 30 students in our class have gone out to study abroad."
In this atmosphere, liu said, she has applied for studying abroad since her junior year.
Due to all the conditions, the application went smoothly, and had completed the study abroad before graduation.
Miss liu studied at the university of Nottingham law school in the UK, where she studied international business law. "there are a lot of Chinese students around, and I am deeply moved by China's huge overseas study team."
Ms. Liu said that she was most impressed by the university's library, which was so informative and easy to find that she would often linger on it.
In international commercial law at the university of Nottingham professional master's degree in law, miss liu did not return home, but to enter the UK law school, york campus to continue study, eventually and received a master's degree of English law with good grades.
In the summer of 2003, Ms. Liu returned to her motherland studying abroad.
She considered it before going abroad for her degree in China.
"I've heard a lot about the embarrassing situation at home about degrees earned abroad."
Miss liu said that she had seen in the UK a students from domestic, in a "diploma mill" study in the UK, doing nothing all day long, even after a year to get a degree, has become a "sea turtles".
This is not an individual case, which affects the respect that a genuine foreign education deserves.
Miss liu said that the yankees' record of formal schooling embarrassed there is another reason, is the national education system, degree awarding, and name of the degree is not the same, the domestic many unit of choose and employ persons is the lack of the understanding of foreign education and academic degree system, it is difficult to confirm foreign education institutions to issue certificate of authenticity and level, some can't returned people to carry out the work, while others have in office, but in terms of salary and title assess had a problem.
As soon as she arrived in England, she came to the Chinese embassy in London, where she would study and learn what she would like to study at the embassy.
Successfully obtained foreign academic degree certificate
After returning to China, many overseas students began to get busy with finding a satisfactory job.
"I don't have much of a master's degree in law in the UK."
Ms. Liu said she initially felt confident about herself, but was later in the process of looking for an embarrassing situation.
Some units are skeptical of her foreign academic degree, plus academic degree certificate is all in English, affected the further communication between the two sides.
When she was upset about this, one of her teachers told her that there was already a service to certify degrees from abroad.
Qiu xiang group immediately handed over the transcript, academic degree certificate and passport of his study abroad in the UK to the senior sister, which she took to the provincial education department for handling.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Because the condition all have, after a period of time, miss liu got this certificate.
Have the recognition certificate to facilitate more educational qualification to handle, return to the country certificate to deal with, notarial conduction
This certificate does bring a lot of convenience to miss liu.
Because the certificate is Chinese, the employer is able to know her strength according to this certificate, and communication is much more convenient.
"One of the things I have learned is international commercial law, while ningbo relies on beilun port, and international business is very developed. I have decided to develop my career in ningbo."
After coming to ningbo, miss liu found that she had an unexpected advantage.
"In September 2004, the university of Nottingham in ningbo opened, and Nottingham is a household name in ningbo."
Miss liu said, she did not know this situation at the beginning, just every time submit certification to unit of choose and employ persons, the other party at the sight of the word "the university of Nottingham" bother to say good, this let her odd.
Later, she learned that her experience of studying in the university of Nottingham in England gave her a unique advantage in the city of ningbo.
Accompanied by this certificate, qiu xiangqun had a good life in ningbo. She worked as a lawyer and worked in government departments. She is now a legal agent in a foreign company.
"I've fallen in love with the city."
"Said miss liu with a smile.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
To implement "support to study abroad, to encourage home, to go free" policy, promote the education international communication, to meet the majority of the returnees personnel and other foreign degree gainer in our country enters a higher school, employment needs, at the same time for our admissions and unit of choose and employ persons to identify foreign degree and higher education diploma, certificate to provide advice, in March 2000, the state council degree committee and the joint mandate of national ministry of education, agreed to the ministry of education service center in nationwide certification degree abroad.
At present, the scope of certification for foreign academic degree certificate is: 1. College degree or above (including junior college) degree certificate in formal courses abroad;
2. Foreign degree certificates obtained from chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools approved by the degree committee of the state council;
3. Certificate of foreign diplomas obtained under the master's degree (not including master's degree) under the master's degree approved by the competent department of education of the provincial and municipality directly under the central government.
At present, the certification service accepts the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan, Japan, India and so on, which basically covers all the countries that our students have set foot in.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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