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Art and culture - university of Edinburgh diploma, British degree

Edinburgh was founded in 1329 and has a history of nearly 800 years. It is known as "northern Athens".
North is the temple of Carlton hill, the south is retaining the characteristics of Georgian medieval old town, the university was ranked no. 19 of the university of Edinburgh is located in this, to the west as the official residence of the king of Scotland, majesty magnificent Edinburgh castle, the east is the royal palace in Scotland, holy cross palace, downtown is busy, noisy, specialty shops and museums.
Edinburgh castle
Edinburgh castle is the spiritual symbol of the whole of Scotland.
Standing on a volcanic rock, the Scottish royal family, which made it to the eighth century, still dominates the city of Edinburgh, and has a long history of legend.
Inside the castle, the king's bedchamber, church, barracks, square, and garden were all available, with a national war memorial in the center of the square.
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University of Edinburgh
For nearly 500 years, the university of Edinburgh is one of the oldest high-end universities in the world, with a strong academic atmosphere and rigorous teaching style.
The main teaching building was designed by the royal family design master Robert Adam to make the campus full of artistic atmosphere.
It is one of the earliest members of the Russell group and enjoys the largest funding support of government and social resources.
The chancellor is princess Anne (queen Elizabeth ii's only daughter, the eleventh heir to the British throne).
It is precisely because the university of Edinburgh is so famous in the world that it has become one of the first choice universities in the UK to study and study in the UK.
But because the university is the world's top 20 university, it is necessary to make a private study plan for the UK in advance.
So be sure to experience the charm of the 800-year-old city.
Carlton hill
Carlton hill, in the east of Edinburgh's new city, is the highest point in Edinburgh, 110 metres high, overlooking Edinburgh.
There are a number of historic monuments and buildings on the mountain that will allow you to walk all the way to the top of the mountain.
The hill stands like a Parthenon temple in Greece, which is said to be commemorating the Scottish soldiers who died fighting napoleon's invasion in the early 19th century.
Royal avenue.
This is the site of the Edinburgh site, with its imposing avenues lined with masterpieces of medieval architecture in Europe.
It is also the center of the old city of Edinburgh, where prince street begins to be the new town, and at the end of the street is Edinburgh castle.
So the royal road is also an important symbol of the geographical location of Edinburgh, and the first thing to visit in Edinburgh is definitely right here.
Various museums in Edinburgh
The Edinburgh museum group mainly includes the writer's museum, the childhood museum, the people's museum, the Edinburgh museum, etc., which fully embodies the cultural heritage of the city.
Visit the "royal road" when you visit the royal road.
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