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College students should pay attention to their summer jobs

Since it is a summer job, what is not a lot of documents request, even if to see whether the student id card, only give them see, unit of choose and employ persons have no right to seize certificates of college students' summer looking for work three recruit fraud prevention Summer is the peak period of college students do part-time, according to the survey, college students part-time accounts for about 26%, but not in the part-timers is as high as 82% of people said, as long as willing to do work for.
The labor department issued a warning: college students should pay attention to their legal rights and interests during the summer vocation. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The part-time job is not being cheated
Liu, a student of wuhan university of technology, was so depressed recently that he wanted to stay in wuhan for a part-time job during the summer vacation, but he had been cheated out of his experience but made him afraid to trust the intermediary.
During the summer vacation, liu planned to stay in the school for a part-time job, and saw a job as a scribe at a mediating institution in hankou, 120 yuan per thousand words.
Liu felt that the work was easy and the pay was high, so he paid 50 yuan for the intermediary fee and 30 yuan for the construction, so that the agency would recommend him to the post.
But with the address given by the intermediary, liu could not find any recruitment units.
When looking back for the agency to refund the fee, the intermediary agency insisted that "information has been given" and refused to refund the fee.
Liu said that his other classmate was more miserable. After a day's work, he found that the unit was irregular. He wanted to resign but was forced to change his student id and had to take a penalty.
They now have a heart to do a part-time job, but don't know where to look for a unit. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The most common trick is to cheat
According to some people in the labor market supervision department, there are two main types of job-hunting scam, and they should pay attention when they look for part-time jobs.
Fake job.
Intermediary institutions or fiction, unit of choose and employ persons, or "cage" with unit of choose and employ persons, with high salary information college students take the bait, first is charged, JianDangFei, physical examination, and even clothing charge fees, just isn't interested.
College students can't find the employer with the information sheet, or they will be fired for a few days, and the previous fee will not be returned.
False high salary.
The agency, which attracts college students with high salaries, only to tell them that they are fully paid after receiving fees, leaving only low-paid and hard work.
College students can only condescend to a position of poor condition, or be dragged to the end.
Three ways to avoid walking into a trap
The university student holidays part time belongs to labor relation, cannot use labor law to adjust, occurrence labor labor dispute can only go up to the court, accordingly, take the safeguard measure to protect the rights, precautionary dispute is very important. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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