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A summary of ielts scores in the top 10 schools in Canada, buy certificate

1. Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
Introduced: 1, school was built in 1887, Canada's most famous art design as well as North America's first class university art college, the school has been a leader in the field of visual art in North America and central position, with many well-known artists around the world, including the Kennedy family Garry Neill Kennedy, etc., due to the school enjoys a lofty position in the field of art, every year attracts many artists from Europe, Asia, America and Africa, academics and students. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
2. Location: located in halifax, nova scotia, with a population of 350,000.
3, professional Settings: a bachelor's degree: fine art, art education, ceramics, paint, environmental design, jewelry design, watercolor, photography, printing, molding, carving, visual communication design, etc.
2. Alberta College of Art and Design
Introduced: 1, school was built in 1973, alberta college of art and design (ACAD tools) to Canada in the 20th century visual culture has the extremely important contribution, many of its graduates as an artist and designer in Canada and won a high reputation in the world.
The college has a solid asset, with an annual budget of $12000000, and is one of only four public art design schools in Canada that can offer a degree.
ACAD tools have the spacious classroom and USES the small class teaching, one-to-one interaction teaching, the school through various techniques, tools, and intellectual stimulation and other methods to encourage students to discover and develop their potential and passion, provides students with an environment conducive to the development of the open.
2. Location: north of Calgary, close to the city, convenient transportation.
3, the curriculum: freshman learning course, BFA, general studies, ceramics, drawing, glass fiber, jewelry & Metals, media art & digital technology (BFA), photography, photography art (BDes) design, sculpture, visual Comm, print device
3. Emily Carr Institute of Art
Is introduced: 1, school was founded in 1925, is the oldest of a British Columbia's qualification for art, media and design education curriculum of colleges and universities, it is also one of the world's leading art schools.
The aim is to provide a dynamic environment for students to create.
In which students can not only gain knowledge on the books, and through the actual operation and become a professional artist or designer. 1250 students in the school faculty, most of them come from Canadian provinces, 15 states, as well as the international students from 24 countries all over the world. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Location: landon lake island, British Columbia, is an important urban park in downtown vancouver.
3. Course setting: mainly divided into three main areas: design, media art, visual art.
First year students study "basic" courses for one year, and after laying a good theoretical foundation, they can continue to pursue their ideal major in the second year.
4. Ontario College of Art & Design University
1. School introduction: founded in 1876, it is the largest and oldest of the four independent arts and design institutes in Canada, and the top three of the 40 most similar universities in North America.
Members of Canada's famous Group of Seven: Arthur Lismer and J.E.H.M. acDonald, respectively, have also served as President and vice principal of OCAD respectively.
Many of Canada's top artists and design experts have been teaching or studying at OCAD, like Fred Hagan, Jock Macdonald, Michael Snow, Claire Stewart, Allan Fleming and Ken Rodmell.
2. Location: Toronto, Ontario
3. Recommended major: advertising, painting, art design, illustration art and industrial design.
4, the school-based professional characteristics: school pay attention to the practical teaching, based in the studio provides students with art and design in Canada is the most perfect, the series course of art and design school many teachers and their professional elite, have their own studio and creative projects. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
5. General application requirements for diploma of arts professional education in Canada
The application requirements of the Canadian arts education institutions are directly related to the level of the university, and the application requirements for the Canadian arts major are:
The application for undergraduate graduation certificate requires ielts 6.5, a single item not less than 6.0, providing a collection of works.
Application for a master's degree requires ielts 6.5-7.0, a single item no less than 6.0, an undergraduate background, and a collection of works.

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