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Foreign diploma in Australia permanent residence visa not "permanent residence"!!! Four ways to protect your PR!

Foreign diploma in Australia permanent residence visa not "permanent residence"!!!
Four ways to protect your PR!
For nearly a decade, Chinese citizens, after receiving PR, resolutely returned to return to work or start their own businesses.
But upon PR will soon expire, suddenly feel lost and it's too bad PR, PR now how hard ah, how much more work the life will also have to think for the next generation, so there are a lot of people come to Australia's immigration asked PR renewal. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Why is a permanent resident visa not permanent?
A green card visa for an overseas diploma is not a permanent one, it has time to live, unless you are naturalized.
Australia is not exceptional also, if you live in Australia for a long time, not to leave, of course there is no need visa, but if you leave, should pay attention to the validity of the PR, PR renewal is typically Australian Permanent residence visa (Permanent Resident) holders in the five years to apply for a new visa expires commonly known as the return visa for five years.
The rise to immigration law means that the Visa holder of the Australian permanent residence will successfully apply for a five-year Resident Return Visa, also known as a 155 Visa, before the Return date.
In short, the so-called PR renewal is how to successfully apply for the RRV 155 visa.
How to get a 155 visa?
The conditions for securing a 155 visa are simple: stay in Australia for two years.
These two years can be continuous for two years, or it can be a total of two years.
In any two years, it has to be five years of PR.
It should be noted that there is no law to apply for a 155 visa at the end of the five-year period.
But any time, whatever it is.
"Our concern is that five years of living in the middle of the five years will not be able to apply for a 55-visa with a five-year validity period," he said.
This is the answer to this key question.
Do you get a 155-visa visa if you don't stay for two years?
Under the immigration rules, in four cases, even if it has not been for the past five years (even in the past decade), it can successfully apply and get a 155 visa.
There is a uniform standard for these four scenarios, which is that what is done overseas must have obvious benefits for Australia.
The four cases are: commercial links with Australia; Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Cultural links with Australia;
Employment contact with Australia;
Have personal contact with Australia.
(You must provide evidence of substantialbusiness, cultural, employment or personal ties of benefit to Australia)
1. Have business relationship with Australia
Business Tie, as the name suggests, is a Business activity that links Australia with Australia.
Whether the business is registered in Australia or China is not the deciding factor.
In addition to hiring Australian citizens or permanent residents, Australia wants to see real money.
The most common gold platinum is tax.
Immigration officials have always had a preference for the years they spent raising their civil servants.
It is not enough to have a stake in an Australian company, and an individual's participation must be required.
By contrast, the continuing scramble for Australian stocks overseas is a real business link.
Broader business activities overseas, such as setting up companies, promoting Australian technology, introducing new technologies, establishing joint ventures, etc., could be included.
Mr Hwang found that there was a good chance that China would actually engage in china-australia trade, especially exports to Australia.
2. Have cultural connection with Australia, Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Overseas scholars abroad communication, athletes, the pastor's overseas conference, the artist's performance abroad, etc., although and money cannot be connected directly, but the rich life in Australia, Australian awareness, improve the image of the Australia is good, can be classified as cultural links with Australia, which can be used to avoid full two years.
Of course, because we know fewer customers, we don't ask a lot of people.
3. Employment contact with Australia
Employment contact, is employed in Australia related organization in China, can be the Australian company (can be a public company can also be a private company (Proprietary Companies)), schools, religious organizations, and also can be the Australian government organizations (such as embassies, consulates, Austrade Australian trade commission, state accredited representative in China, etc.), or by the international organization (privileges and immunities) law of international organization (e.g., the world health organization).
It would be better to hand over taxes in Australia than to pay taxes abroad.
4. Have personal contact with Australia
By contrast, the most common use of Chinese citizens to apply for 155 is a personal connection with Australia.
Personal contact includes contact with family members (parents, siblings), friends, spouses, children, etc. who have Australian citizenship or permanent residents of Australia.
Owning a home in Australia would also help.
But the most helpful is that the spouse or child is an Australian citizen.
What is the application fee for visa 4 and 155?
$345 aud.
Generally in Australian network application, also can authorize immigration agent or lawyer to deal with. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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