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The eight most important competencies in the workplace

Are you tired at work?
It is said that many people suffer from a disease that starts on Monday and doesn't take medicine on Friday. The disease is called "work syndrome".
After entering the workplace, most people work to become a very important part of life, according to statistics, there are about more than 50% of the workers work more than ten hours a day, if you count the commuting time, overtime, may reach 12-14 hours, not to mention now fast and convenient way of communication, job information can be passed to the front of you day and night, no escape...
So exhausted into the normal work, what is more, even regular rest seems unable to completely heal difficult and tired body and mind, compulsive night sleep, insomnia, sub-health, and so on appeared, live in this state, feel more tired.
A meditation invitation to make yourself happy at work
Did you ever expect it to make you happy when you accepted this job?
Have you ever wanted to build a good relationship with your colleagues?
How do you feel about this job?
Have you ever wanted to make your life more complete by owning this job, and in a unique and complementary way to bring your work into your life?
If your answer is "yes, yes," then maybe you've been surprised and even disappointed.
While some people are lucky enough to enjoy the jobs they depend on, most people who work are often faced with challenges that make it impossible for them to enjoy it altogether.
We don't want to live as a worksheet, and we don't want to spend too much of our time paying for it. What can we do to break the cycle of burnout?
Let work really be a good channel, a space for growth, a pleasant way of life? Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Senior U.S. meditation teacher Sharon Sally sulzberger works one square metre of meditation, may be every tired workers need, it in the most simple meditation meditation practice, to help us with 10 to 15 minutes to refresh yourself, recover the vitality of life, to create a completely different quality of life.
The book offers eight pillars that help us improve the quality of life in the workplace, and thus make it possible to be happy at work.
Have the ability, no matter where I go to work, to which company service, what position, calm cheerful is master in his own hands, and not all is determined by the work environment, colleagues, customers.
You can't wait to find out what these eight pillars are.
Let me make a diagnosis.
Do you find that life has been mixed up with work, as if there was no work?
If so, you need to "balance".
Do you find yourself thinking about B or C or D friends or E restaurant when doing A task?
If so, you need to "focus."
Do you find yourself loathe some of your colleagues and even secretly hate them?
If so, you need compassion.
Do you find yourself stuck in a position where you don't feel like you need a change at all?
If so, you need to be "resilient".
You feel other people seem to be very far away, everything is official business, seem to have less what?
If so, you need "communication and connection".
Are you often unsure that something should or shouldn't be done, between morality, law, ethics, and interests?
If so, you need "integrity".
Are you feeling more and more powerless in your work, wondering about yourself, about the future, about the difficulties you face?
If so, you need "meaning".
Do you think that day after day, there is nothing new in the sun, work just to mix food to eat?
If so, you need an "open awareness".
These eight pillars are the purpose and the process. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In other words, these states are not meant to be met, but often practiced, and the way to practice is mindfulness.
In this book, following these eight pillars, you can plan your lightweight mindfulness practices and incorporate mindfulness into your career. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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