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Buy certificate, Why are Canadian Quebec's technical immigrants so hot?

Canada Quebec skilled immigrants since 2009 in China, it has been nearly 20 years of history, has received the world more than the deep affection, in 2015 began to implement on-line application, open places that were seconds kill, chief province technology charm?
Why is it so hot? Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Let me give you a brief analysis
No. 1 application condition is simple, without being limited by the shortage of professional chief province skilled migration is different from the technical point is that not to screen high marks, but enough points to apply for, scores of factors in addition to including age, educational background, professional, language, chief province factors, spouses and children also can add cent.
Single passed 50 points, married by 59.
Professional range is very wide, without being limited by the shortage of professional, website requirements is in line with the Canadian NOC career list than the 'D', and our contract standards set in the "C" above, which is accord with NOC career list OAB can, in fact the OAB has very wide range, general career can be covered.
(C and D refer to the lower-end labor force) no need to brush up on the ielts test scores, and the technical requirements for the ielts test are not high enough to score five points.
As long as the major is good and the French is good, the technical immigration of Quebec is your best choice.
No. 2 places from the fund company around Quebec skilled migration, unlike investment immigration, not used by fund companies, as long as eligible to submit an application, it is removed from the fund company screening of this link, that is the number of chief province technology fund company around, as long as it is in accordance with our signing standard of customer, we can all submitted.
The quota is more than that of kui, which was opened twice in June and August last year, opening up to 5,000 places. This year has not been opened yet, and the official website has a quota of 5000. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
At present, it seems that only the remaining four months of the second half of the second half of the year will open up, and our signing customers will be able to participate in the quota.
The economy is practical and cost-effective, and the most economical and practical way to do it is to be a technical immigrant of the kui province, not to invest a penny, not to make a requirement for starting a business, and to be able to obtain a permanent residence in Canada.
Get identity without residence within the territory of Canada, you live where you want to live, Canadian welfare as they enjoy a free public education, free public health care, spend the least money, the whole family can enjoy a great Canadian welfare, permanent residence status how good, also don't need me too much now.
Quebec's welfare system is the most superior across Canada, the new immigrants and many preferential policies to all Quebec residents, regardless of their economic condition, can take part in public medical insurance and medical insurance, so as to enjoy free medical care and hospital treatment free of charge.
Because Canada does not have a strict household registration system, the principle of free movement of people, even if it chooses Quebec immigrants, it can be settled anywhere in Canada after successful migration. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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