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New Zealand study: overseas students and parents are most concerned about the issue of study abroad

With the improvement of living standard, people's economic conditions allow, domestic education the university entrance exam is no longer the only option for parents and students, many parents want to send their children to study abroad to accept high quality education, Chinese parents to send their children to study abroad in large part to favor foreign high-quality teaching way, provides a better learning environment for children, so the quality of teaching state is also important to the parents, so how to choose to study abroad countries?
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It has become a problem for international students and their parents.
Study abroad expense - first choice New Zealand, Singapore high cost performance
To study, the first is cost problem, it is largely key determinants of parents have the ability to send their children to study abroad, from the beginning end of study abroad to study abroad, study abroad cost is not small number, general working class think cannot afford.
Study in New Zealand education expert advice, about the cost, study abroad, parents choose to study in New Zealand and Singapore, the two countries relative to Europe and the United States and the commonwealth countries relatively cheap many, price and China also is relatively close, the teaching quality is relatively high, New Zealand also allows students to study abroad during the part-time job subsidies for living expenses, this is a working families better choice. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Study abroad education quality - compared with Europe and America
Go abroad to study, are keen on the way of education at the same time, the quality of education also account for a large proportion, New Zealand and Singapore as a new study abroad countries, its education quality compared with the old hot study abroad countries the United States, Britain also no less, its school publicity and education quality is far ahead, New Zealand, Singapore, but also was named "the most valuable study abroad countries" "working study in class of choice".
In New Zealand to study abroad, experts warn students choose to study abroad countries need comprehensive consideration, not only to pursue the visibility and ranking of the university of blindly, choose suitable study abroad countries, the school and the professional of the most important.
Establish teaching tracking - parents and children communicate timely
Children studying abroad, parents is most concerned about, many international students study abroad, parents can only understand a little child to go abroad after learning and living conditions, parents is hard to understand to the children in the outside condition in detail.
According to this situation, now the New Zealand schools have set up specialized agencies, take to address the concerns of students go abroad after life and academic, and in the case of overseas students parents communication students.
To study in New Zealand -- about working in the clear
Study in New Zealand, a senior expert introduction, about work, New Zealand has clear provisions of the state, the New Zealand allows students to work at the same time, the maximum working time, doing work part of income to reduce the financial burden of the costs at the same time, the constraints, students working time so as not to affect the study, on the other hand also let students to work at the same time increased the social practice experience, to adapt to the society to lay the foundation for students, parents also don't have to worry about children work delayed the bachelor's degree. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Special account for studying abroad - monitoring fund usage
Of New Zealand's national first set up a special account to international students, student visa applicants will study abroad fees deposited into a special account in China, if the application is approved, the account under part of the study abroad fund will be transfer to the New Zealand education institution as tuition fees, some will be wired to a bank in New Zealand as the cost of living.
The New Zealand bank manages the account through a monthly quota for students to pay for their living expenses in New Zealand.
The New Zealand immigration department launched a special account for overseas remittance, which allows parents to monitor their children's financial use at home, so as to make sure that their children can be aware of the use of money abroad. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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