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Why can't Chinese schools copy American education?

Although there are plenty of articles and books on education in the United States, there is also a comparison between the Chinese and American education.
No matter how hard you try, in a pessimistic way, all these comparisons and reflections are essentially paper talks.
The indispuable fact is that China simply cannot replicate the American education.
Why would I say that?
There is a good saying that the facts speak louder than words, and I use a few simple facts to illustrate this proposition.
For example, we all feel that American elementary and middle school classrooms are flexible, while Chinese classrooms are relatively rigid.
The flexible teaching of American schools has a lot to do with the classroom Settings of American schools.
In American primary and secondary schools, the number of each class is about 25, and what is the class size of Chinese schools?
That's about twice as many as in the United States.
With fewer students in the classroom, teachers are likely to have more opportunities to interact with students, and classroom teaching is correspondingly flexible.
In China, you let a teacher deal with more than 50 students, if the Chinese teachers want to interaction, and the class is a class of so some time, once the interactive, estimates that the teacher has little time for a lecture.
The classroom setting of Chinese schools determines that the teaching of primary and secondary schools in China can only be cramming, and the flexible teaching method of American schools will not work in China.
For example, American primary and secondary schools have no fixed textbooks and textbooks, American teachers assign homework, often require students to borrow books from the library to find information.
American schools have a lot to do with the teaching materials, and the American libraries of all kinds.
According to the American library association, there are about 120,000 libraries in the United States, with one library per 2,500 people on average.
8956 public libraries and university libraries, 3793, 7616, 98460 to the school library, special library (including company, medicine, religion, law, finance and other library), military library, 265, 1006 * * library. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In the United States, all kinds of libraries are textbooks and encyclopedias that American students can't read.
Even if American teachers do not use uniform textbooks, American students can find answers in libraries.
Keep that in mind: on average, there is one library for every 2,500 americans.
In China, this data is impossible.
Chinese community library is not popular, library finite elementary and middle schools can't provide all of the students need to read books, this determines the Chinese school must have unified teaching materials. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
For example, American children generally enjoy sports, while Chinese children have limited extracurricular time.
There are two main reasons for the differences between Chinese and American students in sports.
Compared to a primary school and junior high school students, and the United States, the Chinese children production is large, it determines the Chinese children's prime task is to cope with work in their spare time, in other words, Chinese children have no time to make what extracurricular sports.
To put it another way, American children love sports, which is related to the setting of American community parks.
In the United States, parks are not just a place to take a walk and see the flowers and grass, at least in our place, all year round, community parks have all kinds of extra-curricular activities for children.
For example, my children have learned to play tennis in community parks, learned to row, and learned to play football.
This kind of community park extracurricular activity, close to home, low tuition (the result of residents pay tax), registration is convenient.
Various sports activities in the community park have special activity announcements and introductions throughout the year.
Before and after registration, the pamphlets will be sent to each resident's home in time for the choice of parents and children.
It is worth mentioning that such a community park is not a patent for a big American city. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In the small town where we live, children can enjoy the colorful extracurricular activities of community parks.
How many such parks in China can provide children with such a low-priced sports place close to home?
For example, American children's moral education can be done outside of school.
The church, the boy scouts, the army, all can imbue American children with all kinds of excellent human qualities.
Even if American schools do not take political classes, do not learn the White House documents, American children will be guided by life outside the school.
Tolerance, honesty, love, respect and obedience to the parents, these qualities are often told in the church's religion education.
Hardworking, polite, helpful, good at working with others, etc., are the skills of scouting and * * army.
American children are at least as good at it as they are in moral education education.
It is well known that there is no market for religion and men in China, and in this part of American extracurricular education, China can't replicate at all.
Through these simple comparisons, we will find a basic fact: in the training of several aspects of the German intellectual body, the experiences of Chinese and American children are different. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The different ways and results of education in China and the United States have produced children who are both outwardly and mentally different.
Some Chinese children, for example, grew up knowing that they could make a lot of money when they grew up, and some American children grew up hoping to go to Africa to help refugees.
American children have a lot of time, cheerful personality and smile.
Chinese children, under the pressure of a lot of homework, are nervous and can't smile.
Under different education systems, Chinese and American children have different worldviews, and their attitudes towards life are correspondingly different.
For example, few American children will commit suicide because they fail to get into a good university, and even American college students at community colleges don't feel inferior.
For example, Chinese schools can't replicate American education, and we can't expect to see Chinese children transformed into American children in China.
All information related to education in the United States can only be used by Chinese parents and education workers.
Education is inseparable from the social environment. As long as the social environment remains unchanged, it is very difficult for China's education to make any breakthrough changes.
It is more realistic to take advantage of the positive factors in us education. It is just an impossible dream to make Chinese schools copy the American education. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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