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CMA has become a "hard currency" for job seekers in more than 180 countries around the world.

With more than 40 years since the birth of the first registered management accountant in the 1970s, CMA has become the first certification in the global financial management field and the "hard currency" for job seekers in more than 180 countries around the world.
CMA2009 was "marrying" China, some people say it is short in the country, and "acclimatized", the real situation is like?
First, CMA and CPA can only choose one?
You will be able to obtain a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certificate, and have the right to sign an auditor's report in China. You will be able to obtain a CPA Certificate of Professional Qualification (CPA) in China after two years of work experience. . And through the CMA exam and can not sign an audit report, it seems really "useless"?
Fact is not the case!
CMA and CPA belong to different financial areas, the former belongs to the management accounting, the latter is the field of financial accounting, the two are not comparable.
From the examination crowd, CMA covers a wider range of groups, both the corporate financial director, chief accountant, and general accountants, graduate students such as accounting, CPA is also one of the test population.
From the career development point of view, CMA pay more attention to business, management, decision-making level, for many financial personnel, is an excellent opportunity to enhance the transformation. Therefore, CPA and CMA is not contradictory, but for different groups of people, different stages of the certification exam.
At the same time, the company's senior management is also suitable for the CMA exam to enhance their management strength, help their future competition CFO, CEO, supply chain management, executive director and other positions.
Second, CMA in the domestic situation embarrassment?
On October 19 and 21, 2016, the Ministry of Finance issued two series of red-head documents, namely, the 13th Five-Year Plan for Accounting Reform and Development (Cai Kuai [2016] 19) Leading personnel training project development plan "(accounting [2016] 20).
Earlier, the Ministry of Finance in November 2014 issued "on the comprehensive management accounting system to promote the guidance of" in June 2016 issued the "Basic Principles of Management Accounting", showing that the country in the promotion of management accounting efforts. At present, China has not launched its own management accounting certification program.
In fact, CMA was introduced into China by the Office of Foreign Experts, the SASAC and other government agencies by the strong support and promotion, the SASAC has asked the central enterprises to lead the CMA certification training for three consecutive years, the Ministry of Finance will CMA included in the future Reform and development of the focus of the direction.
With the acceleration of globalization, China's accounting industry has undergone major changes, business requirements of financial personnel from the ordinary "accountant" to "strategic financial management accounting" change. The enterprise's accounting personnel must be integrated into the business to integrate into the strategic decision-making, in order to reflect their own value.
Surprisingly, the CMA is the only international language to take the examination in both languages, the two have the same authority, there is no difference in recognition, it attracts more and more domestic accounting personnel to participate in its Domestic influence more and more popular.

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