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2017 Why Learn CMA Here's the answer

In the employment pressure, a variety of life pressures soar today, how to increase their competitiveness and the overall quality of the workplace, as everyone had to find a way out. So, in China, how do we armed themselves, to deal with financial industry, the severe test of talent? At this time, "Management Accounting CMA" seems to emerge as the times require, and in one fell swoop to become the domestic accounting industry one of the highest gold content certification.
Now in a lot of people, the prevalence of research hot, it makes people ridiculous behavior really makes five body cast! But after thinking about laugh, we are just a high-end talent from just a paper to prove it? Our work experience, management capacity, digital processing capacity and from what to? These can only be solid accumulation, no shortcuts to go.
Let us talk about why we should learn CMA?
Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a global professional qualification for the management accounting field established by the American Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).
1. Global recognition of the authority of the certification
Global, member networks in 120 countries;
Haier Group, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Southern Industry Group, IBM, Microsoft and other top 500 companies strongly respected.
2. The most suitable in-service financial professionals
Integration of the United States advanced concepts of management accounting;
Two examinations focus on core courses, focus on integrated practical application;
Close to the current CFO groups are most concerned about the skills and capabilities. The course covers content applications that are important aspects of business operations.
3. Value for money return
The IMA China Membership Salary Survey for 2014 shows that CMA-certified professionals earn 54% more wages and 71% more income than CMA-certified counterparts; more than 80% of the world's CMA-certified For them to bring new career development opportunities.
4. Bilingual examinations in both English and Chinese
CMA is the only management accounting certification that provides bilingual exams in both Chinese and English, helping Chinese accounting and finance professionals to master the management accounting knowledge system and professional skills.
CMA in the global "forces" growing, so each CMA you will have a very reliable patron, it will help you get more large and medium enterprises employment opportunities!

Page Up:CMA takes you to the peak of your career
Page Down:CMA has become a "hard currency" for job seekers in more than 180 countries around the world.
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