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CMA takes you to the peak of your career

CMA takes you to the peak of your career. where to buy CMA certificate? CMA management accounting certificate has become increasingly necessary for enterprise development talent, it was said, "won the CMA management accounting certificate can not only enhance the staff's own professional skills, but also to help enterprises realize the strategic deployment and development ... ...", CMA really Is there so magical?
CMA for the enterprise advantages:
1, a comprehensive knowledge system will help enterprises to optimize the business model
Enterprise operating mode as the enterprise running ideas and direction, is directly related to the development of enterprises. CMA courses and exams cover almost all MBA courses, it is likened to Mini MBA program (Mini-MBAProgram). These courses include management accounting, financial planning, budget and financial forecasting, financial performance evaluation, business analysis, strategic management and other important aspects of business operations related to the content.
2, improve the knowledge system will help the enterprise's leadership, decision-making power
CMA for the crowd and is not limited to accounting personnel, CFO, CEO and other senior managers engaged in strategic planning is also concerned about the CMA one of the important crowd. In the course of CMA, the financial decision-making as a large system content for students to learn and apply, which covers the financial analysis, decision analysis and risk management, investment decision-making system knowledge for the majority of financial decision-making to help.
According to the survey of the global 1400 CFO, 85% of the CFA that the CMA to improve the professional accounting staff, proficiency, a leading and decisive role. In the world's top 500, the United States top 100 corporate managers, financial management, many of the elite are proud of CMA certificate.
3, concerned about the building of internal strength, improve internal control, and the ability to resist risks
CMA knowledge content tightly around how to achieve faster and better to maximize the value of the enterprise settings. CMA helps companies to improve control, risk assessment and management of competitiveness has a significant role.
4, help enterprises to build the optimal organizational structure
CMA courses on the organization and management links are also elaborated, which involves leadership, work and team, organizational communication, organizational management and other aspects. Comprehensive other content, CMA allows enterprises in the process of rapid development in a timely manner to adjust the management of enterprises, to find time to adapt to the development of the optimal organizational structure for the sustainable development of enterprises lay a solid foundation.
5, for enterprises to develop more complex talents, unified enterprise, external "management language" to improve management efficiency
CMA focuses on cultivating high-skilled talents suitable for the development of enterprises. Based on a wide range of market research and expert committee recommendations, CMA exam content is regularly optimized, and its curriculum closely follow the current CFO groups most concerned about the content in order to be able to meet the needs of enterprise development.
Advantages of CMA management accounting for personal development:
CMA management accounting Although there are only two subjects, but the examination content should not be underestimated. First of all, personal comprehensive skills upgrade. CMA certification is to help finance people to enhance their own value and core competitiveness has a great advantage. Global financial professionals generally believe that to obtain CMA certification, not only on behalf of the CMA holder fully equipped with the field of accounting expertise, but also has a strong comprehensive ability for the analysis of internal financial statements, to help the CEO macro control the financial situation of enterprises , To participate in business management, planning, and provide decision support for the CEO, is the CEO side by side with one of the core business leaders.
Second, the pay side. IMA first China accounting staff salary survey, CMA holders of the average wage of 216,127 yuan, 38% higher than non-holders.
CMA certification is not only reflected in the pay, many CMA licensees also believe that CMA certification for their own to create more career development opportunities, strengthen their ability to control the entire business area, and enhance their salary negotiations in the status. In the recruitment market, the financial manager, CFO position priority is the CMA certificate of employment conditions, and the top 500 enterprises in the majority of CEO, CFO are CMA holder. If you have a high salary dream, no doubt, CMA management accounting is your excellent choice.

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