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What is Canada's skilled migration requirements for IELTS

Buy IELTS for immigration, buy college diploma in Canada. Canadian immigration policies and language performance as the most important selection factors of Canadian technology immigrant ". 
Buy canada high school diploma, Canadian immigration policies established minimum Language ability, skilled migrants, Canadian experience of minimum requirements for the "Canadian Language standard" (Canadian Language Benchmark) level 7, equivalent to ielts 6.5 points.
Good ielts can gain more from the interview chance.Ielts score high and low and from the interview, however, there is no direct causal relationship, even if your ielts score very ideal, the embassy may ask you for an interview.Is a must to Canada to get a Canadian official language (English or French), so that you can be a good working and living in Canada.For any immigration application, whether in Canada, Quebec or Australia, language ability is an important evaluation factors in the process of immigration court.Especially after the 2007-09-01 Australia new immigration policy has strengthened the claim to the applicant's language proficiency.
Through two ways to prove your language ability:
1. The language test (IELTS - preferably G immigration IELTS, TEF).
2. Provide other written proof to prove you can be a very good use of English or French.
The Canadian embassy, strongly recommend you to accept a language test immigrant class ielts or French TEF.
For Canadian federal skilled immigrants after the 2006-09-01 simplified processing program (SAP), does not require applicants submit a language test scores before submit an application, applicants can recursively apply first, after the ielts test or TEF.In the immigration application form to the applicant himself given their language ability is high, moderate, basic, or not.No test results how to judge their language level?
Canada's official given for language level of self-evaluation of the reference standard:
High: can you in life and work to use the language to communicate effectively.
Moderate: can you basic adapt to all kinds of communication in life and work.
Basic: basic communication can you in some way, but some difficulty to communicate.
In practice if your ielts score to reach 7 points can be as high, six points can be seen as moderate, 5 points can be viewed as the basic.For the second language of French, if you can at least TEF 300 points, or can open more than 500 hours of school certificate, can be regarded as the basic level, four points can be added

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