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Don't forget to taste the five popular cuisines in Malaysia

It is a paradise for diners to hear from many of the returning customers.
Ever seen a TV series (small peranakan), there are several characteristics of diet culture: satay rice, nasi lemak, peranakan dishes, Fried meat bones, Malaysia porridge, and all kinds of spicy food, Malaysia, north and south, a wide variety of Chinese food, Indian food and offend niang and Portuguese cuisine present before your eyes.
Therefore, to study and travel in Malaysia is destined to experience a taste tour, and there are five flavors you should never miss.
Satay: in the Malaysian satay is like China's spicy shabu shabu, you can see it everywhere, with satay lamb kebabs, beef skewers, chicken skewers, soft and tender.
With satay with Onions, rice cake and pineapple, the salad is unique.
It's a must-have street snack in Malaysia.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Nasi lemak, Malaysia's diet is given priority to with rice, nasi lemak is added on the rice with coconut milk with dried fish, boiled egg, made from roasted peanuts and cucumber silk, is a very popular breakfast.
The coconut milk is sweet and refreshing, the coconut is rich, the flavor of the unique rice is mixed, let the whole morning brightens
Peranakan dishes: heard often in Malaysia about peranakan dishes, it is not a single dish, it is a Chinese and malays compatibility of the embodiment of the diet culture, it consists of a series of food, like a sweet sauce pig's knuckles, Fried sliced pork, bamboo shoots, braised pork and so on, which consists of coconut milk, pandan leaf, peranakan cake made of glutinous rice and sugar is a representative of the peranakan dishes, moderate sweetness and chewy.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Bak kut teh: meat bone tea can be smoked in the Chinese and malays diet culture fusion, it is a Chinese medicine in clay pot with pork and pig bone soup base, its unique flavor is famous in the whole horse, famous overseas, divided into Singapore and Malaysia "hainan fujian, hainan kut teh have heavier pepper taste, and fujian bak kut teh has heavy medicinal material.
Fried Fried porridge Malaysia: porridge is Malay cuisine, if peranakan dishes are the embodiment of the Chinese and malays diet culture in harmony, meat bone tea is Chinese and malays diet culture melts into the market, then Fried Malaysia porridge is Chinese and malays compatibility of diet culture.
Malaysian Chinese immigrant history can date back to the han dynasty, tang, song in China and Malaysia have frequent business activities and cultural exchange, when the yuan dynasty of the existing Chinese settled in local history.
And in the future, the Chinese in Malaysia has kept many festival customs and eating habits, such as the Mid-Autumn festival lanterns, wrapped dumplings when the Dragon Boat Festival, winter solstice eat dumplings, New Year's day shou sui set off firecrackers to meet the god of wealth, and the Chinese people are most often eat, love to eat porridge and so on.
Especially the porridge, malays in Chinese cooking porridge, rice fragrance thick, sticky sweetness, on the basis of and added to the features of Malay, Fried, Fried small casserole simmers, rice son became soft and white as jade, add green green vegetable, fructose rich tropical fruit, is a real son of suet white jade in give a jade color, and the fragrance of fruits and vegetables has been filled by m, can't tell which one is porridge, which is the vegetables, fresh fruit sweet filar silk, rice son soft sweetness that formed the most suitable for Chinese taste, unique characteristics of the Malay Fried rice porridge.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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