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University of New Mexico diploma application conditions

Albuquerque, the seat of the University of New Mexico, is the largest city in New Mexico with a population of 500,000, accounting for nearly one-third of New Mexico's population. Is located in the middle of the state, convenient transportation, but also a nationwide weather point and one of the defense industry center.
New Mexico University was founded in 1889, is a four-year public higher education institutions. New Mexico State University's research centers and teaching sites are located throughout every county in the state, allowing New Mexico's ongoing distance education to be available to every inhabitant of the state. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
School characteristics
The University of New Mexico was selected by the American Journalism and World Report as a three-level university, and the New York Times University Guide gave two stars an academic score. The Yale University Daily University Guide was selected as the "Big Two". The school is listed as the top postdoctoral research university by Carnegie Foundation, and is the NASA space project research base of NASA.
The University of New Mexico has 143 bachelor's programs, 98 master's degree programs and 49 doctoral programs. The school has a Nobel Prize winner, who is one of the finest theoretical physicists in the world after Einstein. There are five American Academy of Sciences. About 1/3 of Senator and House of Representatives in New Mexico are graduates of the school.
The school is in the Latin American studies, ancient anthropology, photography, biology, laser science, environmental ecology and medicine are strengths. Better anthropology, Spanish, psychology, photography, printing, geology, laser optics and Latin American affairs. Because the whole of New Mexico has only this university with legal, medical, pharmaceutical, nursing, dental and architectural design, no matter how the rankings of the specialist in the United States, in the state can be said to be good.
      Diploma in Academic Requirements
English requirements: TOEFL score 68 points or IELTS 6.0 points. Transcripts must be sent by the exam center to the school, TOEFL sent the code: 4845
GPA requirements: apply for Freshman (freshman): high school average score of not less than 2.5; apply for transfer (transfer): University of reading results of not less than 2.0, has 24 credits. (UNM using four-level GPA calculation)
(Language Center CELAC + undergraduate diploma), the application method and the undergraduate application is exactly the same, still need to be enrolled by the New Mexico University Admissions Office students to test the academic performance, also requested to submit TOEFL and IELTS (English Language Center CELAC + undergraduate diploma) Scores, but no minimum language score required. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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