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Singapore graduate master's degree certification hot professional

1. Hotel and tourism management:
With the economic development of the two countries in recent years, the talent of hotel and tourism management has become a hot demand.
The tourism industry in Singapore is very developed, especially in service and management.
In the face of the growing trend of global tourism, the expansion of the hotel industry in Singapore is also imperative.
In Singapore, hotel and tourism management majors have great potential in the domestic job market.
College: Singapore institute of east Asian management and education college, Singapore
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2. Accounting and financial management:
In addition, students from domestic enterprises with family backgrounds will choose to attend business administration courses. In Singapore, the study of finance/accounting is undoubtedly the most important course for Chinese students.
More than 300 well-known all over the world bank has offices in Singapore, the current talent demand is large gaps in Singapore dollars and settlement etc., made the financial management has become a popular, many well-known financial fund companies, insurance companies and all kinds of investment Banks are financial talents are needed.
Recommended colleges: Singapore accounting institute, Singapore block education college, and ERC college Singapore
3. Logistics management:
Singapore is recognized as a logistics capital of the world.
The demand for professionals is about 10,000 a year, and the current number of graduates is about three or four thousand a year, which is far from enough to meet demand.
In Singapore logistics management college, a major logistics major in Singapore, I graduated with a diploma from the university of keating in Australia.
Logistics management major is the preferred major in Singapore.
College: education college, Singapore
4. Mass media:
Twenty percent of the annual talent demand growth and 30 percent wage growth make media majors popular in domestic universities.
Singapore is an information center in the asia-pacific region. The professional strength of mass media in universities and colleges is strong, and the professional direction involves digital TV, multimedia, Internet and other emerging media fields.
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