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French undergraduate study application

With the growing popularity of undergraduate study in China, more and more China has chosen to apply for a foreign university in high school. France is one of the most popular choices.
So how do you apply for a bachelor's degree in France?
1. Application conditions
Require the applicant must be enrolled in college high school degree or above, at the same time, each university about the applicant's achievement has certain requirements, if it is to read the second year or third year of France, and have a further request for professional connectivity;
Physical health, no criminal record;
Have the ability to provide RMB 70,000-100,000 bank certificate of deposit;
The applicant should be 18 years of age;
If you want to apply for a bachelor's degree in France, you should have the admission certificate of Chinese university and attach the transcript of the national college entrance examination. The applicant should not exceed 28 years of age.
College degree or above, English is good, can apply for master or doctor directly;
Application for study in France as in French teaching: TEF (French proficiency test, title by French education institutions unification, marking work was done in France) must reach 500 points, according to the selected professional requirement for French, may also be asked to show the French language training school admission notice.
TOEFL580 or above 6.0.
If language achievement can not meet the university entrance requirements, can be specified in the university's language center first study, to be met the requirement of the language and then turn to undergraduate study, which is usually what we call the double admitted: namely, of the university of conditional admission notice and notice of language.
2. Application materialsBuy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Necessary materials: personal resume, motivation letter, birth certificate, passport and photos 8-10 (2 inches, color) according to the applicant's educational background, and the following requirements:
High school graduates: high school diploma, college entrance examination report card, admission letter of Chinese university, art works (aiming at art students), English performance (for students who choose to teach English);
Have obtained degree, degree of applicants: graduation certificate, academic degree certificate, transcript, works of art for art students), English (for teaching students choose English) and 2 copies of letters of recommendation (for the application of elite schools students);
Students as to the identity of the applicant: high school diploma, college entrance examination certificate, transcript, reading university transcripts, works of art for art students), English (aimed at teaching students choose English);
(note: high school diploma, college entrance examination report card, Chinese university admission notice, this/diploma, degree certificate, university transcript, birth certificate all need to submit notarization.)
3. Application schedule
June - college entrance examination
July - receive admission letter from university, prepare application materials
August - apply for school
November - French university admission to French university
Seven to November is the study time of French
December - France sign a French university diploma
January the following year - submit French visa application
Next February - the visa result
Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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