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Dutch diploma visa is relaxed, the Netherlands tour can not miss the beautiful scenery

The Netherlands is not a big country, but what you want to play with is a paradise on earth!
The enigmatic multifaceted watertown Amsterdam
Amsterdam is considered one of the world's most liberal city, it was neither make public the glory of the Netherlands that year as the first maritime empire, quietly to accept people from all over the world and culture.
It is an enigmatic polyhedron.
The embankment of the Amstel River.
12th century to the early 13th century, a group of adventurers choose to settle in musite's eastern river downstream, because of the low, they built a dam at its mouth, which is the earliest in Amsterdam.
Although Amsterdam is the official capital of the Netherlands, the parliament, the government, the embassy and the royal family are all located in the Hague.
The capital position of Amsterdam is to commemorate its contribution in the "golden age" and its former glory.
17th century is the "golden age", after the victory in the war of independence against Spain, the Netherlands merchant ships from Amsterdam to the far east and American country, set up a huge network of world trade.
In 1602, the Amsterdam office of the Dutch east India company began selling its own shares and established the world's first stock exchange.
The Dutch "first power in the sea" was established, and wealth began to gather in the former fishing village.
In 1973, the Vatican opened its collection of 200 paintings, the most famous of which were the sunflowers and the pigeons.
In addition to being a gifted painter, van gauguin was also a letterhead, and the gallery showcased his handwritten letters and multiple postcards.
"Wang cheng" in the north sea fangs
The Hague is somewhat baffling. It is home to the Dutch government, embassies and international tribunals. The Dutch royal family lives here, but it is not the Dutch capital.
It assume all petty affairs for Amsterdam, but with deep, make Amsterdam without the burden of a pleasure, and it is more like a hiding behind the worry about the nanny.
The name of the Hague is the "s - Gravenhage," named after the Dutch earl of the Netherlands who built a hunting house here in 1248.
In the 16th century, the federal republic of the Netherlands was established and the federal parliament was held in the Hague, which became the administrative center of the Netherlands.
While the Hague's administrative appearance has made it a little serious, it is a vibrant modern metropolis that can be found at the Hague for a few more years.
Maybe you have some accident, when you stand out from the central station in the Hague or the Netherlands, welcome your 17th century building is not imagination, but past skyscrapers, fill the air with the smell of money.
Suits businessmen and carrying a briefcase, a hand holding a mobile phone, walked past you in a hurry, as if for them, don't seem to have one thing in the world is more important than the business at hand.
Of course, this is just the corner of the Hague.
When you came to the Buitenhof area, which is originally the earl of peripheral area of the residence, classical elegant historic buildings will keep those expected to pool set off the beautiful HuoFuFei method, added a little more amorous feelings of wen wan, and around the gallery or museum of Rembrandt, vermeer, Rubens art master paintings handed down from ancient times, and let these ancient buildings is shrouded in a layer of rich artistic atmosphere.
A place where the European Union was born Maastricht
The great maas river, through the city of Maastricht, divides the city into something very different.
In the west bank cobblestone alley, tightly lined with Renaissance buildings, they are built on the site of a Roman ruins, effectively prove the Maastricht is Holland's oldest city, it is derived from 50 years BC, the Romans built a ferry on maas, Maastricht meaning "of the maas river ferry.
The city of Maastricht is somewhat unlike the Netherlands, which is more like a mainland country than any other Dutch city.
You know, it takes twice as long to go from here to Amsterdam than to Brussels.
It borders on Germany, borders on the west and south, is extremely special, and has been occupied by foreign countries for more than 20 times in history.
In fact, it was only in 1839 that the town of limbaugh became part of the Netherlands, where the Netherlands had a mountainous, sunny south.
In 1992, the famous Maastricht treaty was signed and the European Union was proclaimed.
Maastricht has a series of world-class galleries, exhibitions, festivals and a wide range of boutique shopping streets, as well as a wide variety of bars, even if one day is not complete.
Maastricht is an ocean of joy and song ", every summer, the fratto hoff (Vrijthof) square, the world-famous violinist andrei Leo will bring your own orchestra, hometown audience under the stars on a wonderful concert.
Magical Maastricht always bring unexpected surprises, even if you don't have to live in an ongoing archaeological dig in the hotel, you may also be the way you aimlessly wandering around, found a small garden behind one door, behind a bakery found a spinning wheel, a Renaissance in earnest appreciation of architecture, suddenly noticed it across in a narrow channel.
The fairytale medieval village of the corner village
The narrow canal flows slowly, and the Banks are old and beautiful.
It's not Venice, it's not Amsterdam, it's called "Venice of the Netherlands," but it doesn't have the bustling commercial flavor of Venice.
It's so quiet and so simple that it feels like a fairy tale.
This is the ram.
It is located in the heart of the verijssel canal network in the heart of the city.
The village has no way of passing cars, and only bicycles and boats.
Because many houses can only be reached by water, the postmen here are all sending letters by boat.
If you don't consider the electric boats that are being rented out to tourists, you might think you're going back to medieval villages.
The village has a history of more than 700 years. Its name comes from the hundreds of goat horns discovered by the earliest settlers in this swamp.
In addition to the horns, they also dug by the huge amount of peat, year after year in the mining has created numerous lakes, to carrying peat, dig waterways and canals, formed today's lakes and rivers criss-crossing.
The world's second largest van gogh collection, van gogh national forest park
Van gogh collection most parts of the world is the van gogh museum in Amsterdam, the more you may not know it - is the painter's name van gogh national forest park!
Starting from the eastern Dutch city of anhang, driving eight kilometers north, you can reach the van gogh National forest Park, also known as Hoge Veluwe National Park.
National park covers an area of 5500 hectares, is one of the largest whole nature reserve, the Netherlands is one of the biggest lowlands of north-western Europe reserves, for 18% of the country are built for reclamation of the Netherlands is very rare.
Although many people call it "van gogh national forest park", in fact the forest is just one of the landscape of this national park.
High fees lu wo national park's special lies in its diverse landscape, there are deep and quiet forest, there are full of the heather fields, and even the flow of sand dunes, different geological features make it stand out in the Netherlands all national parks, become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Netherlands.
This is the best protected national park in the Netherlands, recording precious geological history.
Ten thousand years ago, it was an ice age, with large chunks of sandy soil and ice rock formations formed during the ice age, and the ice sheet was 80 to 100 meters high. It was spectacular.
Park once was completely covered with trees, until the middle ages, people cut down trees, reclamation of cultivated land, in the forest in the heather on the fields into the cattle and sheep, and lead to the landscape has changed once again here, gradually move closer to like what we see today.
As time went by, the sandy soil on the bare surface of the wasteland was blown up by the wind, burying the village, forming sand dunes, where the wind and sand blew past, often leaving a barren land.
In the 19th century, some of the gardens in the garden formed a lake after they had gathered rainwater. In order to prevent the flow of water, the park reforestation program.
Phoenix nirvana's modern city Rotterdam
Rotterdam is a very young city, although this is not what you want it: on May 14, 1940, Nazi Germany swept bomb Rotterdam, in scorching flames, more than 36000 buildings were destroyed, overnight, the old city of Rotterdam disappeared, just like that.
Rotterdam's history can be traced back to the 13th century, when people in order to separate the new maas and deer river (Rotter), to build a dam here, Rotterdam (deer river levees) name was born. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
For hundreds of years, although the rise and fall several times, but the Rotterdam continues as a port city of prosperity, if not the sudden strike in 1940, it will present a different face.
As a rebuilt city, its skyline has been completely changed.
After the war, Rotterdam reorganized the modern commercial streets, residential areas, and skyscrapers, as if they were a phoenix, and stood on the west bridgehead of the Eurasian land bridge.
But Rotterdam has not forgotten his own history.
The Schielandhuis museum, just a few steps away from central station, is the most important museum in Rotterdam, and it has a collection of photographic works documenting the old days of Rotterdam for people to remember.
The city's most important church, st. Lawrence, is still the gothic style of the 15th century, which was restored after the war.
Also reconstructed was the new art nouveau White House, built in 1898, which was once the tallest building in Europe and is now a national heritage of the Netherlands.
The old port of Delfshaven also retains its 17th century features, like a Nazi bomb that never came to this quiet harbor.
There are different soothing rhythms from downtown, antique shops, art galleries and craft shops next to one, and no trace of reconstruction or repair can be found.
As you stroll through these ancient streets, it is as if you are back to the golden age of Holland.
It is worth mentioning that the English puritans who had taken refuge in the Netherlands in the 17th century prayed in a church in devhaven before they left for America.
They had intended to sail to the sea on the Speedwell, to meet the larger mayflower, and sail to the new world.
Unfortunately, the Speedwell began to have a serious seepage problem when the north sea began to sail. In the end, the Dutch team had to get all the way to the mayflower.
The church, where the pilgrims had been praying, was preserved intact, and the church kept a large number of documents on the voyage, as well as paintings that showed the old face 400 years ago. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Those or after repair, or lucky old buildings from the air, sporadic scattered in every corner of the city, and today the leading role of the city has been replaced by emerging architecture composed of steel, cement and glass.
More than half a century, past progressive unique buildings in the new river maas, skyline keeps changing, Rotterdam, also known as "Manhattan" maas river, now the title is more and more worthy of the name.
Many of the buildings on the Banks are from the hands of the most modern architectural designers, and almost every building has a strong personal style.
One of the most famous building is the cubic house, at the top of it is just like a sideways rubik's cube, a total of 50, linking together like a piece of yellow urban jungle, even in many novelty of the new building is an absolute.
However, they are not really big enough to live in, and many people find their weird and cramped interiors to be claustrophobic
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