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Application timetable for the 2018 Hong Kong study of bachelor's degree

Wanted to go to Hong Kong students going to apply for ahead of schedule, because the admission system of Hong Kong is limited, if the quota is full, cause rejection is bad, so ready to Hong Kong to study abroad students will be ready at all times application, application time, pay more attention to Hong Kong to provide you with the reasonable application of Hong Kong time, hope to be able to help you. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Application time:
Interview or offer notice in January
Sign up in February and catch the last chance in September
March face-to-face with overseas recruit representatives
April contract: march to June, the most favorable time to start preparing for studying in Hong Kong, planning the professional courses and language test in advance, planning the internship plan ahead of time.
May apply for a visa in May ~ July
In June, I signed a contract with overseas recruitment representatives. In June and September, time is more intense and students need to prepare as much as possible
Prepare a lecture before leaving for departure in August
It began in September
October, face to face with overseas recruit representatives
Most major in November began online
Above arrangement on the application of time of Hong Kong is a good way to help you smoothly to Hong Kong to study, it is important to note that a student planning to study in Hong Kong to apply for undergraduate or master degree, because of time different, avoid the waste of time. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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