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Visit the original tropical jungle - Malaysia

To a full of adventure travel, entered the Malaysia tropical jungle, search for the source of the river by boat, dialogue with strange creatures in the forest, hiking through bumpy mountain roads, eventually to the rock standing black gold beach.
Malaysia sarawak is about China's closest exotic tropical jungle, where it Yu Dongma area, with mountains, forests and sea, rare animals, is the original ecological garden of Eden, the use of more of a few Malaysian Chinese area, do not worry about language problems.
Sarawak has many excellent National Park landscape, such as 40 minutes drive from kuching, sarawak capital city of saks National Park (Bako National Park is the oldest National Park, sand state is famous for its colorful pleasant scenery.
There are a lot of sandstone cliffs and winding, simplicity of the bay beach, is to watch all kinds of exotic animals such as proboscis monkey, silver langur, a good place for big lizards and birds, entrance fee only 30 yuan or so. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The jungle path with breathtaking and very hot, but all the way to meet the colorful nepenthes, lovely pig "" beard mountain, entrenched in plank road not far about snakes and lizards and silver langur has golden hair...
This experience of facing nature will make you excited.
Adventure tropical rain forest, is stopped and kuching city, in the city's nickname is "the cat city", the local people love cats, the city has a big statue of a cat, there are interesting cat museum.
After watching the cat, walk along the Banks of sarawak, and there are many open-air vendors in riverside park, which are worth visiting, as well as the Chinese museum of history and Margaret castle. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Visa: it is very convenient to apply for a personal tourist visa in Malaysia. You can get a return ticket, prepare the photos and fill in the form and submit your passport. Usually, you can sign up for three working days.
Traffic: from Kuala Lumpur to gujin, the gujin outdoor market takes the bus to barco market, the ferry pier in the market to the barco national park.
Accommodation: there are upscale hotels and taverns in the city, which can be chosen according to the budget.
Food: dry fishing, sarawak, chicken wings, noodles, dry pan noodles, curry chicken, beef soup, etc. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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