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What is the difference between Australian student accounting and finance?

Australian accounting graduation certificate major: more practical application
Accounting major is a highly applied practice major, in China's higher learning institutions, it is obvious that the financial accounting theory study, and the lack of employment practice case analysis. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Australian accounting major, mainly devoted to management accounting, the analysis of the entire financial situation of the enterprise, is the main purpose of Australian accounting major.
In addition, there will be some highly practical financial accounting courses, and the whole course will be studied and evaluated, which will be the monthly financial statements and annual financial statements for enterprises.
As a result, the Australian accounting major graduate students in the enterprise, can be directly for the enterprise production based accounting table of accounting subjects, and domestic university graduate students after graduation, basic requires enterprise to do secondary training.
Australia has a master diploma in accounting, innovative design and high practicality. Almost every Australian university has an accounting course approved by CPA association.
The employment direction of Australian accounting profession is as follows:
Audit: the audit involves examining the accounting ledger and financial statements of an enterprise or government agency.
At present, this work is increasingly being used by computer systems and sophisticated random sampling methods.
Auditing is an important aspect of accounting work.
Auditing work may require you to travel for a long time, allowing you to really understand how your income is created.
This work can provide a good foundation for your future.
Budget analysis: the budget analyst is responsible for the development and management of financial planning in the organization, and there are many such opportunities in government and private large enterprises.
In addition to good data analysis skills, budget analysis is also important because it requires a lot of negotiation.
Finance: financial accounting prepares financial statements according to general ledger, and participates in financial decisions, earnings calculation and long-term financial budget in mergers and acquisitions.
This job, at different times, work content changes relatively large.
You may prepare a report today and visit a client or supplier the next day to set up a new account.
This job requires a good understanding of both accounting and finance.
This is why many foreign universities set up Accounting & Finance majors.
Management accounting: this work involves participating in the capital budget and analysis decisions of the enterprise in the enterprise.
The main functions include cost analysis, new contract analysis, and how to control the cost of expenses, as well as internal organizational analysis.
Tax: tax accounting help companies prepare corporate income and personal income tax, single, and solve the such as financial choice, how to deal with corporate mergers and acquisitions, tax strategy problem such as delay, when spending.
This work requires a very good understanding of economics and financial systems.
At the moment, many big multinationals are hoping to find someone with an accounting and legal background.
For example, if you have a law degree and a certified public accountant, you can find a fairly well-paid job. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Australian finance major: higher theoretical analysis level
There is no great difference between Chinese and Australian financial courses. The only difference is the breadth and width of the core content.
Because of the solid science foundation, the finance major for domestic university students, the advantage is very obvious.
But strong mathematical ability does not make Chinese students stand out in the financial world.
In the final analysis, it is because the Chinese students don't know yourself what is the ultimate goal of the data, calculated each data needs to be applied to any area, what need to use what kind of data model, also need to consider which will affect the final data results of the calculation of objective factors...
And so on and so forth.
These are the most interesting subjects in Australian majors.
Mathematics is the basis of finance, but not the core of finance.
In Australian universities, the teachers of financial professional courses are mainly from the world commercial front and the elites with many years of work experience.
In this way, the unique advantages of people and people are not only enrich the learning materials of students, but also enhance the interest of the course and provide good conditions for the employment of students. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The Australian national university, the university of Melbourne, Sydney university, monash university, university of new south wales and Queensland university, Adelaide university and Macquarie university, the school's financial professional, extensive and professional Settings.
Professional direction: including financial investment, finance, corporate finance, financial engineering, financial economics in financial markets, Banks, finance, international finance, financial econometrics, etc.
So, accounting is more than just bookkeeping, and finance is more than just a stock market.
The basic qualities required for a good accountant are three points: (1) logical thinking ability, (2) analytical ability, (3) expression ability.
And a good financial talent requires flexible creativity and imagination, in addition to its powerful computing power

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