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China and the United States price competition!!! The cost of living is high

Many people in the United States before immigration to the United States, the understanding of the United States only stay in the general direction, such as urban location, wage levels of these, the real impact of our lives are often some of the details of these details compared with the domestic comparison, today we look at This new immigrant who has immigrated to the United States knows us about America from the details of life. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Before leaving the United States, many times from the United States and friends told me: "to the United States in addition to banknotes (credit card) do not take anything, the United States is very cheap." In this regard, I dubious. After all, according to the 2008 data, the per capita annual income of the United States (US nationals) is $ 37,600 (the world's No. 4), China's annual per capita income in 2008 (national residents) is only $ 1,100 (109 in the world), the US per capita Income is 34 times that of China. How could the price of the US be lower than in China?
To the United States after the discovery of the United States in addition to artificial services (such as barber and so expensive, the US labor price is high), the vast majority of the price of goods (absolute price) is lower than China. Some people "drying a single" called "low to unreasonable", the price of vegetables and meat in the supermarket, the price of dining in restaurants are "ultra low", gasoline is cheaper to think that the addition of water, to know the wages of Americans Income level in the world among the best, earn high salaries to enjoy low prices, it is a kind of life? Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Some places are really cheap
Speak gasoline first. US gasoline has been cheaper to what extent? GlobalPetrolPrice website has made a statistics, since August 24 this year, the US national average price of gasoline, but 0.75 US dollars / liter, firmly stand in the "1 dollar era" for half a year, and The same period the global average oil price is around 1.28 US dollars, almost twice as high. As the US gasoline is too cheap, neighboring Canada living in Canada and the United States near the border people often empty the tank to the United States to fill the tank back.
Gasoline is prepared for the car, the US car prices are very cheap, more than Canada's similar car is usually 20-30% cheaper, and the more expensive the cheaper car. Electronic products and communications costs are also very low, brand clothing, handbags or other luxury goods, the United States generally cheaper than China's domestic 40%, or even more.
Especially in the United States shopping, whether to buy Chinese products or other countries of the product, the quality is guaranteed, and the service is very good, within a certain period of time can return or exchange, the business will be warm reception. So, after immigrating to the United States, even if usually do not like shopping, can not help but buy some things.
Some cheap to see how to count. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Open the door seven things, rice and soy sauce tea tea, online sun up, and most likely to lead to hot, is the "cheap American supermarket prices", this would have to read. In general, the price level of US supermarkets is indeed low, such as sliced ​​bread is generally less than two dollars a bag, chicken, eggs, rice, ordinary fruit and other low prices, such as apples, oranges and more than one dollar / Pounds, some discounts and some varieties are less than 1 US dollars / lb, chicken specials also have to buy 1.99 or even 1.59 US dollars / lb. Milk, beverages, clothing, shoes and hats and home appliances and other prices are also very attractive.
As for the US housing prices, most of the local prices are not expensive, a friend in Texas to buy a few hectares of manor with a single mansion, only spent less than 60,000 US dollars, while another few years ago in the Detroit suburbs Home buyers are more spent only more than 10,000 US dollars to buy a lakeside single-family "law auction house."
Most American cities and almost all of the country's real estate are cheap, but the US population is far more concentrated than China, those densely populated supermarkets and legendary luxury areas such as New York and most of the streets of Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay, Seattle Some of the community, the price is almost the world's most.
Really expensive is artificial
In fact, "price" not only includes the "material" price, but also includes intangible goods, such as the price of artificial services, and in this regard the United States there is no advantage at all. Such as delivery, even if it is in the store to buy furniture or electrical appliances, to have to pay $ 50 "starting price", so to the door or installed in the box, often "unloading eight", if you please They are installed and need to pay for time. Because the delivery and installation is so expensive, the American family will be keen to prepare a pickup, and many people can install will repair, eighteen martial arts everything. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Many of the places where people need to be serviced in China are unmanned in the United States. Such as refueling, the United States gas station guests are their own card, their refueling. Most of the city's subway wicket unattended, some new subway with the driver are free.
In the United States, people less wide road, the deepest experience is driving speed! A car, quickly Mercedes-Benz, the ear is the wind of the wind, the beginning also felt a little nervous, a few days will be adapted. Because there are no toll roads, people arrive at their destination at a higher speed and efficiency. This speed and efficiency, behind it, is a series of factors such as the system, the public service, etc., and this inconspicuous contrast means that the United States is pulling away from us at a faster rate.
In summary, we have a real understanding of the real US special, the author of the contents of the original situation with Xiaobian almost. Therefore, before we go to the United States, we must understand the real authority through the institutional platform, rather than on the network to see some endless controversy. Therefore, more and more high net worth families choose to immigrate to the United States, and the domestic situation is really much easier. Lifestyle or second, more important is the child's growth environment and learning the platform of education, is the majority of people choose to immigrate to the United States the primary reason. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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