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Buy certificate Eighty-three percent of students want to start a business over nine percent

"83.2 percent of students have a strong willingness to start a business, and 91.7 percent of students believe that there is a lack of good innovative entrepreneurship programs."
Recently, held in zhengzhou university (fractional line, professional Settings) 2017 annual meeting, the first China university creative education alliance secretary-general of the league ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution released "2016 China university innovation business blue book and learning report.
The report is based on a survey of 130 universities across the country from April to may. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Data show that in 2016 almost eighty percent of people questioned in the colleges and universities of * * * * * * a number of innovative entrepreneurship education related incentives and files, more than 70% of the relevant teaching reform in colleges and universities, 93.8% of more than 25 students in colleges and universities to participate in the "Internet +" "challenge cup" in "the youth" and so on a number of innovative entrepreneurship competition, formed the * *, multiple subject in colleges and universities, enterprises and institutions to participate the construction.
The survey found that the innovation and entrepreneurship of education infrastructure has been expanded rapidly, and 95.4% of universities have set up a space dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship in the university, but the number and level of teachers are obviously insufficient.
Schools surveyed innovative undertaking education, on average, the teaching of the teachers, the total number of bachelor's degree accounted for 98 people, higher vocational education of 20 people, universities make teachers of innovative undertaking doctoral degree more than half of the proportion of accounted for only 4% of colleges and universities.
In addition, it is not to be ignored that the problems of supporting teaching materials are not high: only 57.7% of colleges and universities have developed relevant supporting and tutoring materials for innovative entrepreneurship courses. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
At the end of 2016, 83.1 percent of the 130 universities participating in the survey did not have any chinese-foreign cooperation.
The data show that students have a high willingness to start a business, but they lack practical thinking.
83.2% of the students have a strong entrepreneurial intention, 91.7% of the students think that the lack of good innovative start-ups, nearly half of the students hope schools can provide more social practice opportunity, make the project can be born, including resources, site, funds, team building guidance and training, etc.
According to sun hongbin, the concept model of innovation and entrepreneurship education is still to be innovated, especially in the concept of integration, and innovation and entrepreneurship education can be integrated into the overall talent training system.
We should pay more attention to the openness of innovation and entrepreneurship, strengthen the cooperation between schools and enterprises, and create a variety of models such as "teacher +", "classroom +" and "project +".
The use of various platforms, including the alliance platform to enhance the training of teachers, strengthen the teaching and teaching materials construction;
We should strengthen international exchanges and cooperation and cultivate innovative and competitive talents in new situations.
Through the job appointment system reform, inspire high level teachers to devote themselves to innovation and entrepreneurship education. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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