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American university transfer: a list of schools with soft schools

American university transfer: a list of schools with soft schools
"It is difficult to transfer, difficult to get to the green sky". Not only is the procedure cumbersome, but also very few opportunities, this is the Chinese people's general knowledge of the transfer of domestic universities under the current education system.
But in the United States, it is not difficult to transfer to an American university.
Transfer applicants can complete the transfer as soon as they meet the requirements of the school.
For example, the University of Tennessee (UT/University of Tennessee), which we are going to focus on today, had 1,367 students enrolled last fall.
The latest news shows that students transferred to the university of Tennessee in the fall of 2017 will be eligible for the new school transfer scholarship.
What's more, transfer students don't need to apply, and the school will automatically grant scholarships to eligible students.
The school says it will offer a maximum of two years (four semesters) of scholarships to GPA3.25 and above, and three years after graduating from high school with a associate degree from a community college of Tennessee state university. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Eligible students must attend the fall or spring term immediately after receiving the associate degree and not be eligible for any four-year college program before.
In order to continue to receive scholarships, students must also keep at least GPA3.0 at school and meet federal academic standards, registering full-time students every fall and spring semester.
The deadline for student applications is July 1, and the admission will be completed by August 1.
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Can American college transfer apply for a scholarship?
In fact, there are quite a few schools in the United States that are more likely to apply for transfer at the university of Tennessee, where they have established different kinds of scholarships to attract transfer students.
In the us, we've compiled a list of 16 other colleges that offer scholarships to students:
School transfer student scholarship requirements
1 Florida International University Florida International University 50 percent tuition and tuition GPA = 4.0
At least 20 credits have been completed for $1,500 ~ $16,000 at Loyola University Chicago
3 Mississippi State University Mississippi State University two years, $25,000 or three years $37,500 based on different GPA
4 Northern Illinois University north Illinois University $1,000 ~ $2,000 GPA BBB 0 = 3.0
Portland State University Portland State University at most $4,000 /
6 Temple University Temple University $1,000 ~ $5,000 GPA > = 3.3
Texas State University Texas State University is at $12,000 per year
8 University of Arkansas University of Arkansas at most $12,000 a year, including accommodation based on different GPA
9 University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore County, Baltimore, $1,250 per semester, $1,250 GPA, $3.5, and has completed at least 35 credits
10 University of Miami Miami University $5,000 ~ $16,000 GPA > = 3.75
11 University of Michigan, Michigan $5,000 /
12 University of New Mexico New Mexico University at $15,337 a year, may also have an additional $200 GPA > = 3.5 or > = 3.25 and completed more than 30 credits
13 University of North Texas North Texas $1,000 - $3,000 based on different GPA
14 University of Tampa Tampa University $8,000 annual GPA > = 3.0
15 Wayne State University Wayne State University $9,000 a year (for two years) and free accommodation GPA > = 3.3
16 Wichita State University Wichita State University $2,000 ~ $3,000 GPA > = 3.25
College transfer students to the United States and confused students welcome contact us agents life education in the United States, we in domestic colleges and universities into the American colleges and universities, community colleges into American universities, transfer to the TOP 50 schools has a wealth of experience.
According to authoritative statistics, analysis of American university transfer related data from various angles, to transfer request, geographical environment, admit reference factors, campus safety index and so on carries on the comprehensive analysis, according to students' specialty and goals, provide one-stop transfer service.
Without jet lag, you can contact us elite universities to customize personalized transfer programs for you, greatly improving the success rate of transfer. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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