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The five major points of attention of ielts listening

1. Focus on listening
Some students like to listen to English while washing clothes or doing other things. I think this habit is not very good.
Because if you listen to English so often, you will not be so focused when you actually do the ielts listening.
The examinee should be in a quiet environment, take a notebook, listen attentively, and record key information at the same time.
Shorthand skills and skills are also important
Shorthand in the ielts listening test ability is also very important, because when you do listening you will often hear a message, when you want to write down when they found a message below has been missed. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
So the examinee should practice the ability of taking shorthand more often, for example, when listening to the BBC, try to write down a key sentence.
Write quickly, and practice writing in English.
In addition, it is suggested that students can only write the first two letters or their abbreviations when they hear a message, and then listen to the next message immediately.
But sometimes a word requires you to fill in two adjacent words, and it's best to write them all together.
Be careful
Some people's English listening ability is very strong, but the ielts listening ability can not take the high score, the reason mainly is not meticulous.
The ielts listening test will not only test your listening ability, but also your careful degree. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In the beginning, many students often make low-level mistakes, such as plural, case, case, and so on.
These mistakes should not be made and should be avoided.
When you are asked to copy the answers to the answer sheet, be sure to check out the following details:
Pay attention to the turning point
Ielts listening very cunning and often said one answer, in front of the back instantly talking again, so must pay attention to regress or these words, or sometimes say a plan first, and then immediately said that probably it is better to...
So the answer turns out to be this.
Note that some of the key words to turn the topic like so, now, because that means that you might want to talk about the next one. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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