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What is the difference between studying in Canada and education in primary school buy university diplomas

In the international competition of various subjects, students from China have achieved no less than other countries, but more and more parents have chosen to send their children out of the country and tend to be "younger".
In Canada, for example, the proportion of students studying in Canada is increasing.
So what are the differences between primary schools and Canada?
What's the difference between primary school study in Canada and the domestic primary school education The idea is different, enters a higher school system decided to cultivate China's elementary school, junior high school or high school, in the teaching from is graduation rates.
The child will have a test when he is young. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Junior high school is still a test.
The college entrance exam of high school is not to say.
Since it's a test to decide whether to go to a good school or not, everything on education will be around the exam.
In Canada, because there is no middle school, the college entrance exam these things, so their child hair force stage is middle and late high school and university.
The whole education environment in Canada believes that children in primary schools are children and why do they make them do it?
The school education should focus on discovering potential, enlightening creativity, developing interest, and cultivating children's good morals and habits.
As for China's PE music class, the flower problem...
Isn't this child abuse?
As a result, Canadian children have a strong sense of civic awareness and social responsibility since childhood. In their credits, there are hard and fast rules on volunteering and social volunteers. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The teachers also encourage their children to get rich, for example, some teachers will bring their children to the community to send newspapers and the money they earn will be their own.
Second, adding primary school education mode difference is very big Class in China, is a very common phenomenon, if you don't write an English word, the teacher will teach you to write at least ten times to pass.
If is in Canada's primary school class, the teacher teach a foreign language, he will tell students if you are not the word, you must think of some way to, the teacher will not command you to read a few times or copy a few times, this time the students will find the most suitable for their own learning methods, such as some students find themselves read a few times to remember, some students feel like to write on the paper several times, in their own way to accomplish this word, and then ask the teachers for help dictation, passed can play with my classmates.
Canadian primary hardware is not better than China Many people think, since all say good education in Canada, so they are very elementary and middle schools must be built, what clock tower, stadiums, laboratory buildings, auditorium.
I'm sorry to disappoint you. The hardware facilities of ordinary primary and secondary schools in Canada are actually similar to the ordinary primary and middle schools in ordinary Chinese cities.
But their facilities are more efficient.
For example, many elementary schools in China have stadiums, but school students play hard.
The school has a plastic runway, but it doesn't allow students to go jogging.
Because Chinese schools are afraid of children's sports injuries, parents come to the point.
Canada's elementary schools not only do not ban children's sports, but also have teachers who exercise with their children after class.
And their facilities, with high efficiency, will never be a decoration.
In Canada, whether you go to the no. 1 primary school or a 500 primary school, the difference in hardware is not obvious.
There is no way to protect every child's learning system. No one ever wants to make a "education industry".Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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