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Introduction to the top 10 American civil engineering majors buy university diplomas

The employment rate of civil engineers in the next 10 years will be 18% increase, higher than all other industries. With the growth of the population, the need for domestic infrastructure construction needs more engineers in the areas of traffic design, expansion and construction, as well as water supply and sewer control systems, as well as rehabilitation and rehabilitation of roads, bridges and other public facilities, so employment Opportunities will increase significantly. Then the United States which university civil engineering professional best? The following for everyone to introduce in detail, buy university diplomas
1, Stanford University
Stanford, California is the most aristocratic top schools in the United States, the top four ranked, Engineering College ranked 2nd, civil engineering ranked third, only the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has 28 full-time professors, Tsinghua students preferred, The school also has a famous school complex, in the mainland enrollment is often only move Tsinghua University, big, Zhejiang University, the students in the HKUST. The large civil environment of the school has several directions: architectural design, atmosphere and energy, construction engineering management, environmental engineering and science, environmental fluid mechanics and hydrology, structural engineering and geomechanics. It is also one of the few buildings Designed under the Department of Civil Engineering. buy university diplomas
There were 132 international students in the 282 students, and the number of Chinese students was less than 20%. The enrollment rate of 20% was not so high, but the average age of the 27-year-old students could be seen. Most of the students are already working experience.
2, Carnegie Mellon University
CMU computer top of the country, its civil engineering professional is also quite good, especially in Pittsburgh this steel city, engineering students employment is quite good. The school civil engineering rankings 11, provide the direction of: advanced infrastructure systems, civil engineering, computational science and engineering, environmental engineering, environmental management and science direction. buy high school diploma
Due to intense competition, although there is no minimum requirement, but the application of the successful application gre the Verbal part of 600 to 700 points. However, the school also claims that if other background (such as teaching background, background or background, etc.) is very strong, it is possible not to submit GRE results and get admission. According to the data released by Petersons, CMU received 257 applications last year, 52 people enrolled.
3, University of California at Berkeley
As a professional first, the world's leading schools, the application is also very difficult, the school civil engineering in the civil and environmental engineering system is divided into engineering and project management, environmental engineering, geological engineering, structural engineering, traffic engineering and water conservancy projects The direction of the child. Comprehensive admission in recent years, can enter the Berkeley civil engineering professional students, often GRE average Verbal more than 600, toefl also reached 104 or so, which in the engineering profession is also considered a rare high score.buy college diploma 
4 University of Southern California
The USC, the most developed city in California, is the first choice for Chinese students, and it is often a high tuition fee and a favor for Chinese students. The school as one of the largest universities in California, although the civil engineering profession has just been able to squeeze into the top 30, but the competitors are still very much, has become a lot of Tsinghua University, Tongji and other schools of the school.
The school provides construction engineering management, environmental engineering, geological engineering, structural engineering, traffic engineering, applied mechanics, environmental quality management and structural design. The school's civil project is not very large, but the international students accounted for the vast majority, as long as the GPA in 3.3 or more, GRE and TOEFL in the average level of students can try to apply for this school.
5, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor is located in the United States five Great Lakes of the industrial area, its engineering college perennial ranked the top ten in the United States, and civil engineering is even higher ranked seventh. According to the data from the Petersons, the school received 372 applications last year. Only 30 students enrolled. The average age of the students was 27 years old. It was found that most of the students enrolled in the study had already had some experience. Students are advised to have a certain internship to compensate for this disadvantage.
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor provides directions in: building management, environmental and water engineering, geotechnical engineering and structural and material engineering. The minimum requirements for applicants GRE and TOEFL are 1200 + 4 and 84 (reading 23, listening 23, spoken 17, writing 17).
University of Washington
A total of 40 or so in the University of Washington in the civil engineering professional top 20, located in Boeing headquarters is located in Seattle, is also a big city in the northwest of the United States. Civil and environmental engineering department is construction engineering, environmental engineering, geological engineering, hydrology, water resources and environmental fluid mechanics, structural engineering and mechanics and traffic engineering.
Topaz study adviser said that 318 applicants, close to 50% of the admission rate, be relatively high, from the school official website published data, the 2008 enrollment of 74 master GPA average 3.4, GRE Verbal part The average is divided into 482, Quantitative part of 710, Analytical Writing part of 4.0, as long as the GPA relatively high classmates, apply for the success of the school is still very high.
7, Pennsylvania State University
PSU professional ranking 18, is the largest public university in Pennsylvania, is also a lot of applicants to protect the school, the direction is also more: water conservancy systems, construction, environmental and water resources, geological engineering and roadbed engineering, Structural Engineering and Traffic Engineering.
The official website published data for the 2007 data, 73 international student applicants in 55% of the admission rate, the average GPA is 3.33, GRE Verbal part of 510, Quantitative part of 755, Analytical Writing part of 3.98. In addition, the school also announced the application of the master of the minimum requirements, respectively, TOEFL higher than 80 points (spoken 20), GRE Verbal part of higher than 430, Quantitative part of more than 650, Analytical Writing part of higher than 3.0.
8, Northeastern University
Northeastern University's Civil Engineering is affiliated with Northeastern University's Engineering College, where he holds a master's and doctoral degree, 48 professionally. Civil Engineering Master has the following five directions: construction management, environmental engineering, geotechnical / geological environment engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering. For the direction of Dr., compared to master's learning more flexible and comprehensive, learning content integration of civil and environmental engineering in two parts.
Schools have no explicit requirements for TOEFL and GRE results, but from the experience of recent years, the TOEFL is best higher than 90, GRE1200 (TWE4 points). (Except TOEFL can also accept IELTS, IELTS no less than 6.5 points, single no requirement), GPA3.0 or more. If you want to fight for RA, TA is best to have work experience.
9, Cornell University
Professional ranked 10th Cornell is one of the famous Ivy League schools, but also a relatively friendly school for Chinese students, its picturesque campus scenery and in the same level of school admission rate, has become a large number of China Students' favorite school. Cornell is one of the most professional schools in the United States. Its civil and environmental engineering department offers professional MEng degrees and research-based MS degrees. There are more civil infrastructure, environment and engineering systems and management. Environmental management, structural engineering, etc., and even remote sensing technology is also located in the Department of environmental protection, environmental management, environmental management, environmental management, environmental management and environmental engineering.
Cornell's minimum requirement for TOEFL is 77 points (writing 20, listening 15, reading 20, spoken 22), although the total score is not high, but the spoken language requirements for many Chinese students is not easy. Although it is reported that Cornell is famous to be divided schools (that is very like the scores of students), but as long as the clerical material can be planned, the success rate is still relatively high.
10, University of Illinois - Champaign
UIUC despite the comprehensive ranking of 40 or so, but the school's reputation in China is very large, and civil engineering is more perennial and UC Berkeley top spot. The department has 54 full-time professors, almost double the number of Stanford, the number of students also reached 514 people. UIUC Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering: building management, building materials, environmental engineering and science, environmental hydrology and water conservancy engineering, geotechnical engineering, information technology, structural engineering and traffic engineering.
The direction of information technology is different from other information systems and information technology, which are open to information colleges, computer colleges or business schools. Its courses are more related to remote sensing, geographic information systems and other areas related to civil engineering and environmental engineering. School official website provides data from 2003 to 2007, the average GRE of the Verbal part score in the 510 or so, Quantitative part of the score in 760 or so, and Analytical Writing part of the 4.5. buy university diplomas

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