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How about studying in London School of Business and Finance(LSBF)

London School of Business and Finance, English name: London School of Business and Finance, London University of Commerce and Finance is a university in England, England, idp provides the London School of Business and Finance, application conditions, study fees, pictures, ranking and other study enrollment information
London School of Business and Finance
Introduction to institutions
The London School of Business and Finance is a prestigious and prestigious business management organization supported by the British royal family (Prince Michael of Kent, England). The College's Graduate / Master program is one of the world's top three prestigious business education certifications (AMBA), European Business School Quality Certification (EQUIS), International Business School (AACSB) Business School The
The top education at the London School of Business and Finance attracts students from more than 150 countries around the world to provide them with a real international environment, broaden their international horizons and enhance their ability to recognize and communicate foreign cultures. Of international talent. At the same time, the college's alumni advantage allows students to easily get a world-class network of contacts, and then become the leading financial and business leaders of the future.
The college is located in the international financial center of London's busiest business district. In London, an important hub of financial and business in Europe, students can not only experience the life of a business elite, but also experience the international metropolis of London.
The London School of Business and Finance is one of the UK's authoritative accredited institutions (Design Bodies) and has the right to award higher degrees. In order to prepare students for future work, the school offers a wide range of international matriculation, undergraduate, postgraduate master's degrees, and a variety of professional courses, with a recognized degree of accredited Bodies. Bachelor of Science. The London Institute of Business and Finance has been working closely with prestigious universities for many years and has co-authored an innovative UK and UK degree program.
Training objectives
As Europe's premier business school, the London School of Business and Finance aims to provide first class, innovative and practical business courses. At the same time, the London Business School, which has always sought excellence, will do its utmost to enable students to master the skills of top financial and business professionals in the shortest possible time and prepare for the future. The London School of Business and Finance is an elite college, so that you can do more on the road to success.
College advantage
1, at the same time access to the world's three major business education certification business school
2, the College by the British Border Agency assessed as "high credit level of education guarantee institutions"
3, the British royal family Kent Kemai Prince of the full support of the College
4, the collection of award-winning lecturers, writers and industry experienced professionals
5, internship period will be able to appreciate the world's top 500 companies style
6, our hospital has been with world-class enterprises and employers to establish close contact to help students make high-end contacts seven from around the world more than 150 countries of talents, so you can easily experience the cultural customs around the world eight, so you In the short term to obtain the greatest benefits to your career path a clear and clear direction

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