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CMA compared with CPA, which will be better?

As the two high-end accounting certificate, CPA and CMA has been the object of comparison. Some people have feelings on the CPA, love is its high gold content, love is its only sign of qualification; and some people have a soft spot for CMA, high gold content is not inferior to the CPA, love it only 2 start subjects , Love it in the field of international accounting positions are high. So what is better than CMA versus CPA? It should be "no answer".

Why buy CMA certificate? why do we need CPA certificate? 
First, the development prospects of contrast
CMA is the management accounting certificate, CPA is the financial accounting certificate, the essential difference between the two led directly to their differences in the development prospects.
CPA license holders only two business whereabouts: First, into the accounting firm, two years of work experience in auditing can be declared to become certified public accountants; second is to enter the firm.
As the CMA is the American Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) to adapt to the development of management accounting and international business needs of the launch, which destined CMA always synchronized with the development of enterprises, learning CMA can be qualified such as cost accounting, management accountants, Senior Accountant, Financial Analyst, Budget Analyst, Finance Manager, Treasurer, Treasurer / Group Finance, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer.
Second, the wage comparison
Financial Accounting (CPA) is a record of wealth, management accounting (CMA) is to create wealth.
CMA certification is a national shortage of talent training projects, post a high salary, career development space, is a foreign recruitment of financial managers, CFO positions preferred employment conditions, is the CEO, CFO positions a powerful "stepping stone."
IMA first announced the results of salary survey in China. The survey was mainly conducted by Gordon, CMA exam authoritative training institutions to all IMA members of the Chinese questionnaire survey. According to official IMA data, 38% of respondents had CMA certification, 19.5% were CPA, 8.1% were CIA, and 29% had other certifications. The average wage for CMA holders is $ 216,127 in this China salary survey, compared to $ 156,788 for non-CMA paychecks. CMA holders pay 38% higher than non-CMA, 34% higher total remuneration, part of the annual salary of up to 800,000 yuan.
Third, the test more difficult
CPA exam course (6 + 1) takes 3-5 years, CMA test subjects (2) efforts only 1 year.
As we all know, CPA exam pass rate is very low, less than 10%, a lot of people spent 3-5 years did not eventually pass the general examination, there are many people half-way exam and then give up some subjects. CMA exam difficulty in general than the CPA simple, as long as you try one year can pass the CMA exam.
The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) recently announced the latest period of the global CMA test pass rate on all continents, from the data, the North American region and Europe is basically the same and the highest in the world, the Asia-Pacific region than the global adoption rate The rate is slightly higher by 3-4 percentage points, Africa and the Middle East in the global rate is the lowest. CMA in China passed the examination rate is indeed more than 60% in English, the Chinese reached 75%, while Gordon CMA training through the rate is far ahead of other domestic institutions.
4, CMA or CPA, you still tangled it?
For financial professionals, CMA and CPA as the authority of the highest gold content of the certificate, to become the first choice for self-improvement training. Then the choice, how to weigh the choice according to their career planning. In short, if the financial practitioners in the future want to audit into the firm, should test CPA, if you want to go to business development, you should test CMA.
If you want to do the audit into the firm
- CPA should be considered
If you are in the state - owned enterprises, central enterprises, private enterprises engaged in financial and related work;
If you are limited to Chinese and want to obtain international gold certificate;
If you are busy, expect a short period of time to obtain qualification;
If you are eager to break the bottleneck of career development, access to high - paying jobs opportunities;
--CMA is your first choice

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