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Is it possible to pass the CMA exam within one year?

Is it possible to pass the CMA exam within one year?
Career Planning for CMA Holders, how to buy CMA certifcate in Dubai?
CMA is a management accounting, its knowledge system contains the financial, management, marketing, business and other content, the licensees through the market survey and the various departments of enterprises, employees, processes to control for performance management, risk assessment , Cost control to provide effective management, but also through financial analysis, financial management, financial decision-making and other content to provide strategic management decisions for the support and basis for the enterprise to create wealth.
CMA licensees in the future career planning can choose accountants, cost accountants, management accountants, senior accountants, financial analysts, budget analysts, internal auditors, financial managers, financial control treasurer treasurer / group finance minister, chief financial officer (CFO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and so on!
Employment Prospects of CMA Holders
CMA with the traditional financial accounting, the biggest difference is the way of thinking is different. Traditional financial accounting will only record wealth through the work of financial accounting and statement audit, and management accounting can bring huge promotion to employment through business forecasting and planning, strategic decision and support, risk control and management, and performance evaluation. . Many of the world's top 500 companies in the recruitment of the time clearly pointed out: CMA holder priority. Even within the enterprise when the competition is also preferred CMA.
CMA holders because they have to create wealth for the enterprise value, so promotion and pay is also a regular thing. According to statistics, CMA holders are basically in the high-management personnel, salary treatment has reached 15.5 million US dollars, and 5% -15% of the annual increase in space.
With the establishment of the pattern of globalization and the establishment of financial sharing center, management accounting CMA will be more and more attention, because it can create greater value for the enterprise, CMA licensees will be more subject to business and market favor.
2017 CMA examination subjects
CMA has two kinds of examinations in both English and Chinese. There are P1 and P2 subjects. Each subject has 100 multiple choice questions and 2 questions. The examination time is 4 hours.
Note that, although the CMA test time of 4 hours, but to complete such a large amount of questions, the difficulty is still very large. Moreover, there are many CMA exam questions which need to be calculated through a lot of the answer. Therefore, we do when the problem must pay attention to skills, improve the speed to do questions. For example, when doing multiple-choice questions, we can make full use of sweep three times, excluding method, logic, analysis, combined effect will be better. In doing the essay when the need to pay attention to neat handwriting, paragraph clear, logical clarity, volume surface clean, not because of these affect the examination.
2017 CMA exam difficulty
Many people know that CMA exam is difficult, but do not know exactly where it is difficult. CMA examination of the main difficulties are reflected in the following areas:
First, the way of thinking is different. The traditional way of thinking of financial accounting is to record wealth, only focus on the depth of knowledge and theoretical knowledge of the grasp; CMA's way of thinking is to create wealth for the enterprise, it is more emphasis on the breadth of knowledge and practical application of the study.
Second, the difficulty increases. CMA exam difficulty has reached the highest level-C level, that is, focus on the analysis and practical application of the ability. Which in turn used to cope with the examination of Chinese candidates brought pressure.
Third, a huge amount of problems. CMA exams have 100 multiple choice questions and 2 discussion questions, and many topics require a lot of calculation to get the answer.
CMA exam is very difficult, but as long as we carefully pro forma, to find suitable for their own learning methods, to strengthen understanding and memory, within a year through the CMA exam is very possible.

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