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What is the salary after getting the CMA certificate?

What is the salary after getting the CMA certificate? buy CMA certificate, buy CPA certificate, buy PMP certificate, buy CFA certificate, buy ACCA certificate.
CMA employment prospects
CMA holders and non-holders in the employment prospects of the poor is not the slightest bit, with the CMA, it has access to the accounting management of the stepping stone, no longer need to repeat the daily trivial accounting, afterwards, the top 500 enterprises to the door You open, you will find that the future is simply a sky wide.
In contrast, there is no CMA certificate of financial accounting fate is more tragic, their bookkeeping work has been trivial and boring, Internet technology, the impact of the wave of globalization also followed, the fate of being eliminated with the shadow. China's economic transformation is imperative, and the first to become the financial and accounting transformation of the leader, if not guarantee their jobs are not inevitable result.
CMA holders and non-holders in the employment prospects of the difference is so great, business development, the role of finance is more and more important, but not only mechanical accounting of the financial, but to analyze, Standing on the strategic level of financial considerations, there is no doubt that the management accounting is the latter.
CMA work content
CMA licensees to do the main content of management accounting, such as the analysis of financial statements, budget, more often, management accounting more like a "work" accounting, leaving accounting pen, walk in the sales , Marketing departments, and effectively understand the dynamics of enterprise development, and provide financial support for a reasonable financial layout.
Financial accounting to do the work is more mechanical, nothing more than the traditional accounting, afterwards, but with the progress of science and technology, these jobs may be replaced at any time. Financial accounting positions in the future whether there is the need to become a question open to question, but if the financial road to "go black", then the transition management accounting it.
CMA salary
CMA holders and non-holders of the wage gap in the above is enormous. General financial accounting, but the beginning of 2000 ~ 3000 wages, work more than a decade down, or not large, Cheng Si, but around 4000, or in developed cities.
CMA holder's salary is very impressive, the primary management accounting salary is also 6000 +, in a better city, monthly salary of over 10,000 is a simple matter, of course, for some CFO, CFO, the annual salary of a few 100,000 to several million is commonplace.

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