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Canada MBA most famous university TOP10! The most expensive tuition 530,000 yuan

Do you think that studying abroad is not expensive? expensive!
But there are some cheap schools, cheap professional ah, some professional tuition for international students is only a few thousand dollars a year only ... ... it is not expensive! But to say inexpensive, right? Canada's most expensive MBA course tuition fees each year only need 53 million soft sister coins! Not wrong! 53 million! To study abroad, MBA must be the most money-burning choice is not one! But it is such a high tuition fees are not necessarily the average person to apply. WHY? Why MBA so fire? Why does it spend up to more people on its fans of the yearning?
Because it is in their own future investment ah! First hit the money in the money! So simple!
To know the advantages of an MBA program will not only help you understand the bill, the leadership team, but also for you to open a door to the opportunity ah! But for this choice to burn a bit ruthless curriculum, it must be carefully considered, so Canada's most cattle MBA course where? This is really the real thing.
Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University
Ryerson University's Ted Rogers College is Canada's largest undergraduate school of management, located in the city center of Toronto, its excellent geographical location and its quality of teaching quality by local students and international students. But the college does not provide dual admission, and the number of applications each year, so the domestic high school graduates apply directly to the College of the difficulty is very large.
The School of Management offers two branches. The Global MBA Program provides business management education through the teaching of theory and research, and the Management of Technological Innovation MBA (MBA MTI) involves management skills and technology-related business issues.
Degroote School of Business, McMaster University
DeGroot Business School is Canada's first co-op project to provide business schools, to help students provide practical experience set a precedent. Students participate in three 4-month co-op phases, using the learned management skills for practice and gaining more of a job.
Business School MBA with innovative spirit Many times in Canada MBA on the "return on investment" strategic thinking of the guard, and the Financial Times as the world's 100 most famous MBA, one of the most noteworthy Yes, the college's co-op MBA graduate employment rate has been 100%.
Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta
The University of Alberta School of Business has six professional degrees and seven joint degrees, which also gives students more choices. Students can stay in touch with Alberta Business School's top-of-the-line programs and work together to gain real social experience.
The University of Alberta, one of Canada's best medical universities, is located in the provincial capital of Edmonton. Full-time and part-time MBA programs are offered in August and a 10-month fast MBA program is offered.
Smith School of Business, Queen's University
Queens University's business school four times by the Canadian business magazine as the first, was Canada's last few donated one of the business school, get from Stephen JR Smith record breaking 50 million knife donation, the Queen's business The college is also known as Smith Business School.
Queens College's entry requirements are high, not only for students to be successful, but also in the Personal Statement of Experience (personal experience) and Commerce Essay (business essay) on the outstanding performance can be. One of the benefits of a one-year program is that students can graduate earlier than students in other schools, providing them with a great advantage in finding a job.
Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University
The core of the De Soter School of Management curriculum is the use of skills such as presentation and analysis, focusing on the key principles of management. After the first year of study, students will have a 10-day international learning opportunities, and local executives to communicate directly to understand the local business forms. The school argues that MBA students must be able to exercise their knowledge in the real world, either through paid internships, international exchanges, or fieldwork.
McGill University is one of the hardest universities in Canada to apply, and its business school is no exception, the proportion of international students only 6%, the little buddies before making a decision or to protect their fragile little heart.
Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia
The Suntech School of Business offers three essential vocational skills - product and service management, innovation and entrepreneurship, and finance. The College's teaching revolves around these three areas.
The Suntech School of Business is the only Canadian member of Yale's GNAM, a global network of advanced management. Through this channel, UBC MBA students have more access to joint teaching, online courses and exchange programs, and students But also their MBA and Yale University's advanced management that is combined.
Schulich School of Business, York University
Schulich School of Business aims to provide a comprehensive international business management course, the Institute in Beijing and India's Hyderabad has campuses, encourage students to seek practical experience in the market, training hands-on ability.
There are more than 20 special courses available, including business ethics, financial engineering and non-profit management. Students have the opportunity to participate in Schlick's strategic research - students need to investigate a company's market profile and then present their own opinions - to develop their own personal abilities.
HEC Montréal
The College offers a generic MBA program, but offers a wide range of electives to meet the needs of students, including entrepreneurship and international management. This is Canada's first business school, can provide English, French and two languages ​​for teaching. School teaching methods are diverse, computer simulation, case teaching, role play, lecture lectures and so on.
For students who are passionate about science and engineering, the School also offers a combined degree of MBA and commercialization of innovative technology, where students can learn how to build and lead development, and learn how to maximize business benefits. The College has also set up a HEC Challenge Program, in which students are required to complete a project to advise a particular organization on a team basis.
Ivey Business School, Western University
Ivey Business School MBA Center is a case study, providing students with more than 300 real world case study and study. Students complete a Bachelor of Business Administration program at Ivey Business School to apply for a 9-month accelerated course, making it the shortest MBA in Canada. The college also works for a total of double degrees and MBA.
Ivey Business School is one of the most influential business schools in Canada, and its case teaching method is par with Harvard University, so that students can learn more work skills, although Yiwei Business School tuition is expensive, but there is no doubt that Canada the best!
Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
Rotman College offers the largest, most diverse and most recognized MBA program in Canada. In April, a further $ 30 million was received from donor Joseph Rotman to support scholarships, faculty positions and infrastructure. Students choose four or more elective courses to determine their major: accounting, business economics, finance, marketing, operations management, statistics, organizational behavior / human resource management and strategy. Students can also choose a double degree.
The Rotman School of Business is the premier business school in North America and the world, and the presence of the University of Toronto can provide a sense of accomplishment.

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