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The difference between Singapore GCE O Level and A Level

The difference between Singapore GCE O Level and A Level. why do students need GCE O Level certificate? Can I buy Singapore GCE O Level from university? O Level exam of Cambridge, UK, full name is: Cambridge General Certificate of Education in Ordinary Level Examination referred to as "the GCE O Level, called the Chinese:" Cambridge General Certificate of Education Examination "Ordinary Level. The nature of the GCE O Level GCE O Level is specially designed for 15 to 20 years old students general certificate of education examination, but applications are open aged between 14-25, examination results can be used to apply to high school or vocational school. GCE O Level recognition GCE O Level is the foundation of the world's most widely used in education system, at present has been used by the education department in 150 countries as its national education curriculum, is the main body of Singapore's education system.
Buy GCE O Level certificate, buy college diploma. GCE O Level to choose after the GCE O Level does not belong to the academic credit system, students in the completion of GCE ordinary Level (O Level) course after, can continue to pursue A GCE advanced Level courses (A Level).Students who get the ordinary level diploma (four to five passes, including English), are eligible to sign up for national college preparatory courses (Foundation designed), or national institute of technology (Polytechnics) of course, of course including Singapore institute of technology;Who get the examinee of advanced diploma (majored in passing, 2 minor), are eligible to sign up for the various countries' university for bachelor Degree course (Degree designed), so the general certificate of education examination, university of London around the world each year more than 1.5 million secondary school students to enter oneself for an examination.
GCE O Level has the following advantages:
To improve your English quickly, interdisciplinary international recognition
Can be used for application for immigration or study abroad
Commonwealth countries highly recognized
Education system has flexibility, according to their aptitude, course selection is widely
GCE O Level courses: English language, modern Chinese language, mathematics and applied mathematics, general physics, general chemistry, and economics
The choice of the GCE O Level after the billboard:
Five passes: five government institute, 14 primary schools
Four passes: nanyang institute of art
Had to pass: the commonwealth university prep (available in these countries embassy in Singapore to apply for, need not go back to China to apply for)
Two passes: the government of Singapore institute of technology education
One passes: can answer read a year again next year, or directly enter the private university.

The Cambridge A Level examination (A Level) is the commonwealth countries standard of college entrance examination.A level examination in Singapore by the Singapore ministry of education and the university of Cambridge examinations authority, is the high school students to finish after 2 years of high school education in Singapore to attend the graduation exam, the difficulty of the test is equivalent to the Chinese college entrance examination, but is full of English.With this A level examination, students can apply for university of Singapore's government, as well as the UK, Australia and other countries of the university.

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