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The Importance of a University Bachelor Degree, How to get it?

Avoid unemployment
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In 2018, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics issued a report stating that having a college degree will reduce the chance of unemployment by nearly 2% compared with high school graduates. . If you want to compete with high school graduates, most employers will pay tribute to you.
Financial benefits of a bachelor's degree
In addition to lowering the unemployment rate, getting a higher income is also one of the benefits of a bachelor's degree. . The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the weekly salary of college graduates is $464 higher than that of high school graduates. In an average lifetime, you can earn nearly one million more just by earning a college degree.
Become more marketable
A bachelor's degree is increasingly needed to apply for professional jobs. In 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics pointed out that employers requiring a bachelor's degree as a basic requirement for new employees increased by 8.2%. Possessing a university degree can show perseverance and motivation to achieve goals.
Some employers even look at transcripts to assess ability and potential. College graduates usually have a resume showing their work experience, leadership and campus participation. Employers seeking managers or future leaders will be recruited candidates with proof of success.
A sense of accomplishment and pride
In addition to obtaining financial benefits, having a university degree can also serve as an internal verification of your hard work and intelligence. With a college degree, you will be one of 33% of Americans who complete the finish line. University graduation is an honor and a major achievement. Completing a degree program will help you realize that everything is possible.

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