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1. Internationally recognized diploma
As a member of the Commonwealth, Malaysia inherits the good education system of the UK, and its rich dual courses are favored by more and more parents and international students. The dual curriculum refers to the education system of many institutions of higher learning in Malaysia, which combines with the universities of Britain, the United States, Australia and Singapore. Some or all of the courses of famous universities in these countries (2 + 1, 3 + 0) are transferred to the branch schools or cooperative institutions in Malaysia. When students graduate, they can obtain the diploma or degree certificate issued by famous universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Singapore. Such diploma is internationally recognized Accepted. buy Fake Diplomas And Transcripts From Malaysia
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The dual curriculum is very similar to some Chinese foreign cooperative education courses that are being carried out in China. However, different from the Sino foreign cooperative education program, Malaysia's dual courses can obtain internationally recognized diplomas issued by British and American universities after graduation, which is attractive to many overseas families.
There are many cases of bilingual international schools in China, but they are not as mature as Malaysia.
2. The cost of studying abroad for the people
When studying abroad, we should not only consider the gold content of the diploma, but also the cost of living, tuition and other expenses. Malaysia is rich in natural resources and has relatively low cost of living, which makes studying abroad very cost-effective. Compared with Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Singapore and other countries, Malaysia's tuition and life is only 1 / 3-1 / 4 of them. Compared with the first tier cities in China, where the cost of living can rank first in the world, Malaysia's cost-effective education will be more attractive. In addition, the Malaysian government also provides scholarships for outstanding students from developing countries every year. International students can apply directly to the institutions.
3. Low entry threshold
Malaysia has high quality of study abroad, not only low cost, but also friendly access threshold.
Malaysia's private institutions generally offer preparatory courses, that is, students who have completed their studies in senior two can choose to apply for preparatory courses, or students in senior three can choose this way if their examinations are not ideal.
General public universities can offer bilingual admission to Chinese students, that is, even without IELTS, TOEFL and other language scores, students can apply by virtue of their three-year high school scores, greatly reducing the access threshold of famous universities.
4. Friendly and inclusive social culture
Known as "the charm of Asia", Malaysia has not only charming scenery and pleasant climate, but also multi-ethnic culture with strong inclusiveness. The Chinese, who account for 28% of the total population, have a higher social status. The traditional culture of the local Chinese is strong, which is easy to adapt to for the overseas Chinese students.
Malaysia's education level is quite high, ranking first in Asia. English is a common language. Most private schools teach in English. The language environment helps students improve their English conversation and listening ability. In addition, due to the Chinese community, many Malaysians can speak Chinese, including Putonghua, Cantonese and even Minnan, Hakka and other dialects, so there is no need to worry about the communication problems during the study abroad.
5. Enjoy quality education environment
In terms of geographical location, Malaysia is located in the hub of Southeast Asia. As we all know, Singapore's education environment and level are second to none in the world, but the cost of living abroad is very high here. As a result, Malaysia, with the same quality education environment and level, has become one of the most popular places to study abroad in recent years.
If you advocate happy education, quality education, English and environment, international schools are the best choice. Within Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has the most abundant international school resources.

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