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Returnees in the end what you learned in foreign countries?

When the returnees for the livelihood of bustling, laborious, kitsch, do you still remember when studying abroad British? Their slightly silent appearance, hidden inhuman arrogance.
After studying abroad, after experiencing the cultural "baptism" of western society, we returned to China and started to "prototype" again:
Like before, driving does not make way, as before in a public place loudly called, as before English more and more Low ... Then, a matter of course, explained that the environment!
This is not too much of a British alumni gathering more and more like Dignitaries Vanity fair! From the side are the tuxedos, halter dress, shiny cufflinks, jeweled jewelery and arrogant eyes.
In these occasions, we talked about the hot spots are mostly the same, to see who the relationship between the background harder. British alumni returned to the motherland, with the domestic atmosphere is absolutely seamless!Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
A from the local ** where there is a piece of land, B can get the approval, C's father is the characters, D and the leadership of the ministries is iron buddy children ... ...
Push the cup to change the light, the "relaxed", that "easy", what "a phone thing", what "get in a week" ......
Always pinch their own sweat, this smart world, I never mind, no background of the stupid people, there is a way?
Results-oriented society, doing anything too slow.
Market economy? fair competition? Survival of the fittest? Too slow to find a relationship, engage in a "monopoly", "franchise", "total ******", one step, less struggle for five years, how nice!
I can not forget the scary prophecy of a Chinese classmate who was suspected of being an "official second generation" when studying in England: "The grade is not important. After graduation, I still have to look at my family background and want to climb to a certain level. "
The monopoly of the mainstream educational resources in China has created a single-plank bridge for the college entrance examination. Asymmetric information on international education has created a single-plank bridge that "goes to prestigious colleges and universities." Studying abroad faces the social hierarchy and creates a single-plank bridge that pulls relations and "spends daddy." Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Chinese (especially middle class) always drive themselves crazy because of fear, and then force their children! Returnees by the international education what is the use?
When the huge contrast falls on the British head, what can they do?
A British colleague of mine, with a slight jealousy and hate, commented on the salary of Premiership stars: "They earned me a lifetime in a matter of a month." After a while, he changed his smile, quite alone : "However, I read a book for a month, enough for them to spend the rest of my life."
Such "low-intensity" publicity is rare among the British people. Under their slightly silent appearance, there are hidden unscrupulous people.
Studying abroad has brought me into contact with and realized that it is by no means just an MBA program, rural and urban openness, exotic humanity, more of a very different kind of British culture, and the resulting one Culture of force.
In the face of a society without solutions, the British are more accustomed to conformity, not change, and they respond calmly. In the face of a confused future, the British are more accustomed to self-determination rather than dependence, and they survive with confidence. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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