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American students live big strategy! Help you quickly into life

Do not forget that you are about to step into a strange place. How can you adapt to and incorporate into this country where there is a great cultural difference with China? Today, the best policy for everyone to organize some of the United States to study life Raiders, you want to quickly integrate into the United States? Then quickly look down!
The first thing we must do in the United States is to solve the problem of living first. That is to say, we Chinese often say that you have to settle down before starting your study abroad. The houses in the United States fall into three categories: Dorm, Apartment, House.
Dorm is a school dormitory, usually a common kitchen, living room and bathroom, what kind of specific, then look at your school website, there will be a detailed picture above.
Apartment is a district, community generally provide Studio, the room from one room to four rooms and two living rooms ranging from (the more room the more expensive rent)
House is a detached house, usually more than three rooms, with a small yard, like a small villa.
Like China, renting is the first deposit, but the United States deposit is not included in the rent, usually waiting for the lease expires. Specifically rent which kind of decision, the school deposit online, other private landlords have their own policies, these you have to ask in advance clear. (Remember to pay the rent on time, but if you are late in the United States, you have a "fine", ranging from 25 knives to 75 knives a day) Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
When it comes to renting, the best policy is to say two more things to note. Most overseas students have almost no experience in renting houses in the country. Therefore, it is necessary to go abroad to rent a house to understand a series of situations such as traffic, safety, religion and race. Second, select the house after the various types of hardware equipment, housing charges, etc. All of these should be fully understood clearly, after all, to have a foreign country by yourself O (╥﹏╥) o
After solving the living problems, we must consider three meals a day. As the saying goes, "people live on their own's food." To the United States, wanting to eat Chinese food every day is not possible, so you should learn to accept foreign food, of course, you Can also learn from the mother before leaving the kitchen cooking, so that one day suddenly want to eat home dishes but do not know what to do o (╯ □ ╰) o
Want to make their own food, then go to the supermarket to buy materials, some of the tools to do Chinese food in general have Asian supermarkets. In the dormitory cooking should pay attention to avoid fumes, smoke a big fire will ring, when the people who made the entire dormitory are out awkward.
If you do not want to do it yourself, the usual gourmet app is still there. Yelp (something like a beautiful group) can be anything. Pinterest has detailed food recipes and more.
Of course, if you want to go to restaurants to eat, there are still many choices, after all, in the United States you can find food around the world, what Japanese food and so on, but pay attention to the United States are to tip, and generally to the consumer 10% -15%, fast food shops do not have to give.
After eating and drinking are solved, followed by the traffic is out of the problem, I believe we all know that almost everyone in the United States is driving out, such as public transport only in New York City, such a big city in Chicago is more perfect, in many places is to see No one walks, so do not go out at night, very dangerous (⊙ o ⊙) ...
If you intend to graduate after graduation do not stay in the United States, you can not test the driver's license, rely on the school bus and bus rub about enough.
Take the bus and domestic, as in the subway station to do a bus card, recharge their own, receive a small ticket, because if you accidentally lost the need to rely on the cost of a small ticket to report the loss. Note that the bus in the United States is not stopped at every stop, if you want to pull off the rope above the seat to remind the driver, so you can get off.
If you want to continue to work or even settle in the United States, then you have to go to your test driver's license. The US driver's license is divided into written and road tests. The written test can be freely tested many times in many places. After that, you get a Permit. You can try the road test within three months of a year.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Road test is too much trouble, there will be examiners in the car to assess you, so it is best to find acquaintances or coaches learn, in some places the road test rigorous to the electoral pick, so you want to take the US driver's license is not easy o (( ╥﹏╥) o
If you want to buy a car if you have the money to buy a new car you have the money to buy second-hand, remember to buy from the regular dealers, to find experienced people with you, you can cut bargain.
Shopping Entertainment:
Living in the United States will inevitably want to buy a lot of daily necessities, in the United States every year a variety of holidays (Thanksgiving Day Labor Day) will be greatly reduced. Note that in the United States brush credit card to be produced ID CARD, in general, is your passport or driver's license.
Just arrived in the United States Many students are not car travel is very convenient, so online shopping is the most convenient, apply Amazon Prime mailbox, a few days will be able to arrive.
In general, buy food to go to some local supermarkets, furniture appliances Amazon or IKEA, electronic products Best buy, New Egg, clothes to store or mall, low-end cosmetics go to the supermarket high-end shopping malls, the more complete with Ulta, Sephora .
There are a lot of museums and zoos available in the United States for free. Of course, like the well-known New York Broadway, if you want to go to the theater, you should go to the queue as early as possible because people are very rich. But the top policy still want to say, after all, you still came to the United States for school, or should be based on learning, entertainment occasional weekend weekends to participate in it.
Daily communication:
Just arrived in the United States in life must have a lot of place not to adapt to learn to communicate more with students from different countries, but also pay attention to discernment, because in the United States such a complex place, one by accident, you may pay Some are flirting with friends, private lives are confused, even taking drugs, so you know (⊙o⊙) ...
Usually in school, to participate in community activities, to make different areas of cattle, listen to some lectures and conferences, and other well-known classmates and professors, after all, only with the good people together you can become better, I believe near Zhu red Nearly black ink this truth we all understand.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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