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How to quickly adapt to American campus life?

Studied in the United States, to a completely unfamiliar environment, the beginning will certainly feel at a loss, then, how to quickly adapt to the United States on campus life?
Understand the American school environment and social
1, to understand the school environment | prior use of Google Maps and Google Street View to understand your visit to the city, and understand the school and the surrounding environment.
2, to understand the school social network | QQ group to join the new school, BBS, regardless of the year, regardless of profession, regardless of the size of all join. QQ group and BBS is the first step to get the most direct experience of life and learning and networking in a foreign country.
3, for international credit card | The basic principle is that you or your parents in which bank has a credit card which banks do, so the transfer repayment are convenient. Of course, you can also go to the card bank business consulting, comparison of merits, choose a cost-effective international card, convenient without the United States for the *** before using.
4, well-prepared cash (USD)
5, Buy US calling card | This is the United States did not do a real phone card or did not buy a new phone call before texting a lot easier. Some domestic e-commerce platform will also have a US phone card for sale, students can understand in advance.
6, Qin check school mailbox | The new school will usually give you a student mailbox, remember to check frequently, International Student Center International Department and the Department of the important e-mail sent do not miss, check in, orientation, and so often will need Sign up to choose the time.
7, apply for personal Gmail mailbox
Understand the school's habits and ways
1, the United States eating habits
(1) The most popular food partners in the United States are Yelp and Pinterest. Yelp similar to the domestic public comment network, sometimes to the restaurant will put on the yelp discount. Fast food is generally uniform price. Pinterest is a photo-streaming site with a wide variety of content, very varied foods and recipes, and is a great place to see pictures and cooks.
(2) Types of Diet | Native American food and Chinese food ratio may be slightly monotonous, but the United States gathered in various countries delicious. Italian meal, French meal, Chinese meal, Korean meal, Japanese meal, Middle Eastern meal, Mexican meal These are all very common. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
2, the United States shopping center
Good places to shop include Store brand stores, mall builders, Amazon amazon, supermarkets, outlet and small outlet. Various holidays each year (headed by Labor Day Thanksgiving Christmas) are time-focused discounts. Remember to always pay attention to discount information, often go to the store to do in-store card and its credit card, convenient points and discounts.
In addition, students can refer to the following suggestions for shopping:
Buy food go to Walmart, Kroger, there are some local supermarket;
Household furniture products can be based on Walmart, Amazon, IKEA to solve;
Electronic Products Go Best Buy, Amazon, and New Egg;
Buy clothes to store (GAP, Express, AF, Hollister, Banana Republic, J.Crew these are all men and women have), mall (such as Macy and Northdorm), big outlet, small outlet (such as TJMAXX and Ross);
Cosmetics Want to buy low-end to the supermarket, high-end to the mall, want to buy all go to the website or the cosmetics store (Ulta and Sephora);
Pet products at Walmart, Petco, and Petsmart. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
3, the United States study accommodation
(1) Contact accommodation in advance | In general, dormitories in US schools require students to apply in advance, and places are limited, on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, off-campus rental and homestay families need students to arrange in advance.
(2) rental method | First, short rent, long after the United States for long-term; Second, direct the long-term rent.
American way of travel
1, travel habits | Americans primarily to drive their own, it is recommended to test the driver's license as soon as possible after the United States, if the place to live closer to the school, you can ride your own bike. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
2, the bus | most cities in the United States have buses, easy access routes, fares are cheaper, but the United States fewer people sitting on the bus, the time between cars is also longer.
3, the Subway (Subway) | The United States has a small city subway, subway less lead in the city more. New York is the most densely populated metro city in the United States, followed by Chicago, Washington and other cities. First arrived in the United States, choose to live near the subway, to school or life will be a lot of convenience.
4, Taxi (Taxi) | In the United States near the city center and the airport, a lot of cabs, you can be a beckoned. But most other areas, take a taxi to call. Taxi pricing forms are generally posted in the car, mostly in the course of accounting, tip fare is 10 to 20 percent of the calculation, or the number of pieces of luggage, usually a piece of luggage a dollar.
5, School Bus | Some American schools offer free school bus service in or near the campus, or pay only a small fee. School bus route and schedule, in the library, student center and foreign students office, etc., can be found.
Of course, while away from home, safety is the most important, we must always be vigilant and ensure our own safety. Whether traveling or making friends, we must take safety as the precondition. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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