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Ten things that America cannot afford to miss

Who said that study can not play, when you have to study the United States or ready to study abroad, there are some classic attractions and things to do is you can not miss the United States study, these will definitely make you more full of students studying abroad. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
1. Look at a baseball game at the Fenway Stadium in Boston
Fenway is a sacred land, where the seats are very close to the stadium, so that the audience can hear the baseball batting sound.
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In this 102-year-old baseball field has maintained a lot of tradition: the scoreboard is still by hand; 37 feet long "green monster," said the left field homicide wall plagued the pitcher for seventy years; Buy Fenway Frank Hot Dog is like to give Yankees a drink, with Sharpie mark right outfield direction of the external benchmark as a part of the traditional.
2. Listen to the country music of Tennessee Nashville
Xinsashville in 1925 won the "City of Music" reputation, and still in use today. Today, Nashville's population density in the music industry is higher than any other place in the world. The Country Music Hall of Fame and the Museum are here, and the celebrity of the industry is gathered here for the American Country Music Association.
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In this town you can enjoy country music in more than 130 music venues, including the cheap little bars on the world-famous Broadway. The Bluebird Café, which appeared in the TV series "Nashville", was where Garth Brooks was found and signed by Congressional record companies. You want to find the music scene near the place where you live, and download the Nashville Live Music Guide application for free.
3. Take a cable car in San Francisco
In 1869, when the horse saw the horse in the wet cobblestone ground, along the steep Jackson street in San Francisco, struggling to take the carriage forward, the inventor Andrew Smith Hallidie (flash), thought of a steam Power, cable-driven rail system. Four years later, San Francisco's first cable car began to drive on the road. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In the case of
Do not miss things: follow the Fisherman's Wharf at Hyde Street to Lombardy Street and watch "the world's most curious street". On the streets of California: Nob Hill, Chinatown and the financial district.
4. Have a hot dog on New York's Cornell and take a roller coaster
New York's Cornish is a legendary beachfront playground. 1918 built the Ferris wheel, built in 1927, "tornado" roller coaster has attracted tourists. In June this year, the "Thunderbolt" roller coaster was officially operational, which was the first major roller coaster on Connie Island after the "tornado" was built. Visitors can also watch the circus performances, in the "ski ball" or other games in luck.
In the case of
Do not miss things: "Gourmet wins" eating hot dog contest is already a tradition, held on June 4 each year, and now live on ESPN2. The annual mermaid parade held at the end of June will attract hundreds of "mermaids" and "beautiful men". They use clothing and props to march on the streets to show their artistic talents.
5. Experience Bourbon Whiskey and Horse Kingdom in Kentucky
Kentucky's unexpected population aging thanks to the state's iconic panacea - whiskey. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, farmers no longer planted corn fields, but began to make whiskey, and then along the Mississippi River water to the downstream. A long journey to New Orleans will ripen the whiskey in the bucket, giving the liquid an amber and smooth taste, and later the wine is called Bourbon Whiskey. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In the case of
Do not miss things: visit wineries, whiskey museums, and bourbon chocolates; experience a Bourbon flight; listen to Johnny Kash's album at Lewisville's silver whiskey bar; watch more than 50 horses in Kentucky Ma Park Visit the farm.
6. Visit the Grand Canyon in the Arizona
If there is such a place, any language can not describe its magnificent magnificent, then this place is the Grand Canyon of Colorado. Visitors can take a helicopter from Los Angeles into the remote fringe of the Grand Canyon and enjoy the magnificent view of the magnificent. On the southern edge, hikers can go down the steep, steep road, to the meandering river in the "bright angel trail", or walk along the edge of the easy "time tunnel."
In the case of
Do not miss things: In the peak season, take a free bus to the Grand Canyon Village to visit this year to build a hundred years of historic hut: recluse and lookout. In the village you can visit the exhibition of the Evergreen Historical Museum. In summer, Indian dancers will offer free dance performances outside the Indiana.
7. Experience jazz in New Orleans, Louisiana
Before entering the club in Chicago and New York City, jazz originated in New Orleans city friendly. Visitors can hold a cup of sweet tea or snowball from the roadside spread of ice, walk in the Royal Street, listen to spread almost every corner of the jazz or blues. Only in New Orleans can find the theme of jazz for the national park, and thus stay in the New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park to see a jazz performance will certainly make you memorable.
In the case of
Do not miss things: Robin Barnes, known as "New Orleans' Nightingale", advises the Montréal hotel to enjoy jazz at Friday night, where you can enjoy cocktails while riding a carousel. jazz. The Windsor Hotel's Polo Club Lounge and Spotted Cat Music Club are also a great place to visit.
8. Tour the tombstone town of Arizona
The most infamous shooting in the history of the Old West in the United States took place in 1881 in the tombstone town of Arizona. In 1993 the story was put on the Hollywood screen, the story of the movie "Tombstone Town" took place on the OK fence. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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