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What kind of study abroad ability accords with the big instruction

Since the qing government sent the first foreign student rong hong, using foreign education resources to train its own cutting-edge talents has been seen as a smart choice.
In particular, in the 65 years since 1949, generations of people have worked hard, and China has become the world's largest country in terms of studying abroad.
However, compared with before, it is rare to decide to study abroad through a high-level meeting.
In particular, studying abroad and studying in China is not unique.
The national study conference, held in Beijing on December 12, December 12, was a precedent.
A high standard of
The just concluded national work conference on study abroad, is the first time to study abroad as the theme of national conference, and for the first time coming to China to study abroad and study abroad in the research of two important issues as a whole meeting.
At this meeting, the chairman of the party's general secretary, xi jinping, specially made important instructions, for the meeting of the state council premier li keqiang do forbidden to the specifications and significance of the meeting, immediately on a big stage.
This is not only to reflect the high importance of the party and state leaders to study abroad, but also to think strategically based on the current situation of studying in China.
As far as the present situation is concerned, China has become the world's largest exporter of overseas students and an important destination for study abroad.
In this study, the scale of study abroad shows a trend of three simultaneous increases in the number of students studying abroad, returning to study and studying in China.
This is why the study abroad work conference should coordinate the study of the two dimensions of China and abroad.
The huge number of people studying abroad has prompted the government to think about the strategic positioning of the country as a whole.
In the 1980 s, deng xiaoping put forward the "support to study abroad, encourage home, come and go free," the study in the central policy, and in Europe and the United States 100 anniversary of the homecoming last xi meeting, adds to the "work", the central study guidelines supplement to 16 characters.
Why emphasize "play a role"?
Because overseas students have become an important source of Chinese talent, they become an important source of new ideas and new cultures.
Based on this reality, xi jinping stressed that "studying abroad should be adapted to the national development trend and the overall situation of the party and state".
To achieve this goal, it is to complete the meeting of vice premier liu yandong of the state council to attend the national study abroad conference, "strengthen top-level design, target strategic demand".
The so-called "top design" of study abroad is the "thirst" document issued by this conference.
Study such as the 2015-2017 work plan of action, the foreign language the general language talents opinion ", "international organization talent cultivating opinion", "study in outstanding young talent cultivation in China opinion", "national professional study abroad management regulations" and "school recruit and train students to set".
Although these files are yet to be released in full, but according to the China education newspaper reporter meeting sidelights, according to "are closely around the nation's overall diplomacy and the reality of the economic and social development needs, both the comprehensive plan of action, also has a special talent training plan, and perfect the management policy, to solve the problems in the current study in work face, have very strong pertinence and good guidance significance."
The "strategic need" in China, in order to ensure that the advanced science and technology can be connected with the world, it is necessary for the overseas students to play the role of "master level".
Abroad, in the new diplomatic environment, to tell the world "China story", it is the best choice to study abroad.
If it is to be decomposed, strategic demand can be divided into: social talent strategy and diplomatic talent strategy, while diplomatic talents include national image strategy.
Such strategic layout, is precisely what the jinping view of study abroad, study abroad at the heart of the largest in talents, the progress of a nation, a nation's progress, the progress of an enterprise is ultimately depends on a number of people.
China wants to be international, not short of money, but a shortage of people.
Science and technology will be the hottest in the world
Regarding the strategy of social talents, li keqiang has made clear in his comments that "the state will stand up and the industry will prosper.
Cultivating talents through studying abroad is an important soft power construction in the country.
We should take global vision and reform and innovation initiatives to actively promote the work of overseas students to a new level, and make the best of the country's construction.
The overall situation of talent, can be compared with four national strategy, strategy of developing the country by relying on science and education, the strategy of reinvigorating China through human resource development, sustainable development strategy and innovation driven strategy, all these provide study abroad in the development of domestic vast development space and the stage of talent.
The state has been committed to breaking down institutional barriers and opening channels for talent.
If the new revision of exit and entry administration law set up "talent visa" category, service for overseas talents for the country to open green channels, perfect after the foreigners in China permanent residence shall enjoy the related treatment measures, and attract more overseas high-level talent of innovation entrepreneurship in China.
So what kind of national talent is the most needed in the current national strategy?
First, it is a technological leader.
This has not changed since 2010, when the central government issued the outline of the national medium and long-term plan for talent development (2010-2020).
Since the 18th national congress, a series of movements can be seen.
11 departments, such as the department of science and technology and the ministry of science and technology, set up "no review month" to create a favorable environment for the research of researchers.
The department of science and technology, the ministry of finance and other departments shall strengthen the management of the outstanding problems in scientific research projects and capital management.
"Guangzhou nansha -- shenzhen qianhai -- zhuhai hengqin guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao talents cooperation demonstration zone" as the second "national talent management reform pilot zone";
The central committee and sasac have actively promoted the construction of the future science and technology cities in Beijing, tianjin, zhejiang and hubei, and the country's direction of international talents is still the priority of science and technology.
And since the late qing dynasty began to learn from the west, the focus is technology.
But today's technology, and technology from a century ago, has changed.
According to xi jinping visit to Europe and the United States to study in the layout of the talent, the future technology will rely on information technology, medicine, agriculture, science and technology of biological technology in the field, will send more students through the research and studies assiduously study degree, cooperation, learning to master the international advanced knowledge and the latest achievements, cultivation of our country's economic development urgently needed talents, promote the construction of innovation country.
Not long ago, the first world Internet conference was held in wuzhen, zhejiang province. Soon after, lu wei, the "big manager" of the Chinese Internet, visited the United States and visited Facebook to release such signals. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
This was the most obvious when Mr Xi visited Europe in March, which Mr Xi has repeatedly referred to in talks with the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium.
And on December 9, xi jinping at the great hall of the people welcome the President of Ireland, Ireland is also put forward in the information technology, pharmaceutical, life science and other fields has a unique advantage, the two countries to exchange more international students.
"To enable students to return to China and to stay abroad with the door of the state."
Mr. Xi's words at the 100th anniversary of the founding of the European and American society last year have become the guiding spirit of the world.
Diplomatic strategy, non-universal language will be popular
National leaders to visit, inadvertently to study abroad professional hot cold made the transfer, compared with the technology study in the future will fire, as the xi jinping visit to neighboring countries this year, some new study change is also revealed.
In August this year, xi jinping, during a trip to Mongolia, stressed that the economic and trade, boost people-to-people and cultural exchanges and cooperation, the two countries which mean of neighboring countries to study professional, humanities majors will continue.
This is not imaginary.
Xi jinping as national leaders, diplomatic approach for peripheral countries, always jian shi ", honesty, credit, "the foreign concept, and this concept is simply called" relatives ".
Since it is a relative, it is necessary for relatives to understand the common culture, so that they can have better communication.
It was a sign of diplomacy. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Another signal is that as the "silk road economic belt" and "maritime silk road" are promoted to national strategies, the trend of China's diplomatic development along the silk road is becoming more and more obvious.
And countries along the silk road use language not international English.
According to the demand of foreign students to serve the foreign language, it is necessary to cultivate foreign languages.
To attract talent, this is not at home, at home to solve the general language education is not complete, the lack of corresponding talent, talent cultivation mechanism of a single problem, need to let more people along the silk road in a foreign country a national strategy to go out and understand the situation of the countries along the silk road, it is short, can in a relatively short period of time with the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and the country's official language complete coverage of professional personnel training.
As for the diplomatic strategy of overseas study service, it was very clear at the national conference on studying abroad.
According to media reports, the ministry of education, director-general of the department of international cooperation and exchanges jianjun cen when it comes to study in the challenge for the work, points out that compared with the diplomatic power of the demand, the internationalization of China's talent is very short, we must study play a unique role, as the new pattern of big foreign good talent foundation, expand the network resources.
Tell the story of China
At the same time, as countries strengthen regional class study overseas think tank construction, talent cultivation and countries through study abroad to cultivate a batch of both profound theoretical knowledge, and have a wide knowledge of cross-cultural communication ability and good international inter-disciplinary talent, cultivate a group of countries need with international vision, master the cutting-edge research resources of high level international regional and national experts and implement talent reserves, strengthen the overseas promotion and implementation of the strategy of "going out".
This is what xi stressed when he made the directive to the national conference on studying abroad, which is to make a new contribution to the "Chinese dream" and to integrate his dream into the "Chinese dream".
In the decomposition of the "Chinese dream", one of the important items is that the propaganda department put forward the "Chinese story" on the international stage and spread the international image of China. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
And this is not just a requirement.
In the process of studying abroad, the overseas students who have gone out of China are obviously able to contribute to the overseas propaganda of the country.
More importantly, it is clearly not the best way to "self-talk" in the face of current international discourse that is still failing to completely ignore ideology.
Let other countries to come to China to study abroad students, while studying in China, to be able to feel the Chinese culture, in their own home can tell good "China story", in order to promote China's mutual trust and good communication with other countries, and to lay a good foundation.
This has also become a focal point of the national study abroad work conference, so the national study abroad work conference should not only arrange the talent of going out, but also to arrange the work of studying abroad in China.
At present, the study abroad career reached a new historical starting point, facing the future, the focus of the national work conference on study abroad will discuss, in the above five together: how study abroad career with the nation's overall diplomacy and better coordination, the coordination and the better economic and social development, how to chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, the Confucius institute building better synergy, go abroad to study and how to better coordination between the students development, realize common development.
This also means that the study work of positioning great change have taken place, from the development of the economic development of science and technology service, all-round services into a national strategy, including technology, economy, military, social management and the "big" diplomatic strategy. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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