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German study abroad, buy German university diploma

The price of German daily consumer goods is different from that of Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other big cities, and the price of certain consumer goods is higher than that of Germany.
Depending on the city, Germany has an average living cost of about 60,000-80,000 yuan per year.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
(the above standards include eating, wearing, living and traveling in Germany. The consumption level of Chinese students will be slightly lower than this standard, which does not include high-end luxury consumption.)
The cost of studying abroad in Germany
4,000-5,000 RMB/year (new book price)
1,200-1,500 yuan/year (secondhand books purchased from students in the year of the high school, can be read in the country with more books.)
RMB/year (all instruction books and reference books can be borrowed from the school library and returned to the library after the course.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Books borrowed from the library are free, and over a certain amount of time, only a small amount of rent can be paid.
The cost of studying abroad for postgraduate students in Germany
1,200-1,300 RMB/year (college transportation card provided by university)
The insurance premium for German postgraduate students studying abroad
RMB 6,000 / year (German medical, accidental injury and third party liability insurance)

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