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What are the economics major top ten universities in the UK?

Oxford university
University of Oxford, Oxford, Oxford, is a world-renowned public research university in Oxford, UK. Oxford University has a history of recording dating back to 1096, the oldest university in the English world and the second oldest higher education institution in the world.
Oxford University is the British research university Russell University Group, the British "G5 Super Elite University", the top universities in Europe Coimbra Group, the European research university alliance and Europaeum core members. Oxford University Press is the world's largest university press, published works include 20 volumes of "Oxford English Dictionary". Oxford University is also the venue for two prestigious scholarship programs: one for the establishment of the Clarendon Scholarship in 2001; the other for the past more than a century, attracted a lot of outstanding graduate students to learn the Rhodes scholarship. Oxford also has the world's largest university press, and the largest university library system in the UK. Oxford has cultivated a number of social celebrities, including 27 British Prime Ministers, 60 Nobel Prize winners and dozens of members of the world's royal family and political leaders.
Undergraduate professional settings
Philosophy, Politics & Economics (BA)
Economics & Management (BA)
History & Economics (BA)
Engineering & Economics (BA)
Materials & Economics (BA)
Cambridge University
Cambridge University is one of the oldest universities in the world and was founded in 1209 in Cambridge, UK. It is a college federated university, composed of a self-managed college, and it is also a world-renowned leading academic center. Its achievements are not only from the Cambridge scholars world-class research, but also from all over the world studying at Cambridge students get academic achievements.
Cambridge University Department of Economics was established in the early 20th century, is the largest gathering of economists in the UK one of the centers. It has about 80 academic staff and more than 100 graduate students. The research system of the college is based on a series of research groups, each with its own seminars; researchers with similar topics can be explored in the group to get team members to support or support other members of the study, while possible And interdisciplinary discussions between other colleges. University of Cambridge The Marshall Library is one of the UK's best library of economics. It has more than 70,000 feature books and research papers and more than 30,000 subscriptions. It also has a large number of online materials and bibliographic searches Engine, including EconLit. New Economic Thinking (INET), co-founded by the Department of Economics and New York, is designed to conduct innovative research on economics and support for research.
Undergraduate professional settings
Economics (BA)
University of London (UCL)
The University of London was founded in 1826 and is a public research university in the heart of London. In the REF rankings in 2014, UCL ranked first in research strength in the UK; in the 2013 survey, UCL received the largest amount of funding support from the British Research Council; UCL also has a large number of doctoral training centers. In terms of teaching resources, UCL is one of the two most profitable universities, which means that the education of the students here is the highest level of experts and scholars from all areas. UCL is also a school that encourages students to develop. Only one year in 2013, the school students participated in 41,500 hours of volunteer work, set up 80 social enterprises and 25 student enterprises.
The University of London has the first established School of Economics in England, and its research strengths and achievements have international prestige in all areas of economics, and it is the only one in the UK to score 3.78 points in the REF evaluation system in 2014 (4 points ), And 79% of the research was rated 4 Star in Economics. In addition, in the REF evaluation, UCL's School of Economics was named the best economics school in the UK, UCL's best college, and the best college in any field in the UK.
Undergraduate professional settings
Economics (BSc)
Economics with a Year Abroad (BSc)
Economics and Business with East EuropeanStudies (BA)
Economics and Geography (BA)
European Social and Political Studies (BA)
Philosophy and Economics (BA)
Mathematics with Economics (MSci)
Statistics, Economics and Finance (BSc)
Statistics, Economics and Language (BSc)
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
London School of Economics and Political Science was founded in 1895, is one of the world's most outstanding research universities, in the social science class achievements and Harvard University, Berkeley University and Stanford University par. LSE's application of economic, financial and social science research is a world leader in 20 research centers, including the Center for Economic Performance and the Grantham Research Institute's Climate Change and Environmental Research Center (Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment). LSE now has 10,601 students, of whom 51% are from non-UK and EU countries.
The London School of Economics and Economy has one of the world's largest and best economics departments, composed of experts and scholars from various research directions in economics. Over the past 50 years, the Department of Economics has trained ten Nobel Prize winners, distinguished alumni in different organizations, governments, international institutions, business or financial fields at home or abroad. The Department of Economics has been ranked among the top 20 in the world. In the 2014 Research Assessment Exercise assessment, 56% were rated 4 stars, the world's leading level. Most of the research activities of the Department of Economics are carried out in its seven research centers, including the Suntory and Toyota International Center for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD), the economic performance center (the Center for Economic Performance (CEP), the Financial Markets Group (FMG), the Center for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE), the Spatial Economics Research Center (SERC), International Growth (The Center Growth Center (IGC)), and the Center for Macroeconomics (CFM)
Undergraduate professional settings
Economics (BSc)
Econometrics and Mathematical Economics (BSc)
Economics with Economic History (BSc)
Economics with Environmental Policy (BSc)
Economics with Geography (BSc)
Economics with Government (BSc)
Economics with Philosophy (BSc)
Economics with Mathematics (BSc)
Philosophy, Politics and Economics (BSc)
University of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh (The University of Edinburgh), referred to as love, the king of Scotland, the world's top 20 top schools. Located in the capital city of Edinburgh, Scotland, was founded in 1583, is the sixth country in the English-speaking countries. "The Scottish Enlightenment" and the "University of Scotland Development Studies" mentioned that the University of Edinburgh in the 18th century had surpassed Oxford and Cambridge and became the first university to lead the European academic development. Benjamin Franklin has praised: "The University of Edinburgh has many true great men and professors engaged in various knowledge studies, which have never existed in any country in the past."
Undergraduate professional settings
Economic and Social History (MA)
Economic History (MA)
Economics (MA)
Arabic and Economics (MA)
Business and Economics (MA)
Business with Strategic Economics (MA)
Chinese and Economics (MA)
Economic and Social History with Environmental Studies (MA)
Economic History and Business (MA)
Economics and Accounting (MA)
Economics and Economic History (MA)
Economics and Mathematics (MA)
Economics and Politics (MA)
Economics and Sociology (MA)
Economics and Statistics (MA)
Economics with Environmental Studies (MA)
Economics with Finance (MA)
Economics with Management Science (MA)
Geography and Economic and Social History (MA)
Geography and Economics (MA)
Law and Economics (LLB)
Philosophy and Economics (MA)
Politics and Economic & Social History (MA)
Psychology and Economics (MA)
Social Policy and Economics (MA)
Social Policy and Social and Economic History (MA)
Sociology and Social & Economic History (MA)
King's College London (KCL)
King's College London (King's College London or King's College), one of the University of London's School of Adventure, the world's leading research college, the British Golden Triangle and Russell Group members. King College in 1829 by the British King George IV in London on the banks of the Westminster Created, the same year awarded the royal charter. King College is second only to Oxford, Cambridge and the University of London, is the fourth oldest institution of higher education in England, enjoying a worldwide academic reputation.
Undergraduate professional settings
Economics (BSc)
Political Economy (BA)
Economics and Management (BSc)
Philosophy, Politics and Economics (BA)
University of Manchester
The University of Manchester, known as Man Tai, was founded in 1824, is located in the second bustling city of Manchester, England, a world top three top schools, is the famous British six "red brick University" one , One of the founding members of the "Ivy League" Russell University Group, and the largest single-site university in the UK. It is located in England's central and northern England's second bustling city of Manchester. Nearly forty thousand students from more than 160 countries attend more than a thousand degree programs, with more than 10,000 faculty members, many of whom are world-renowned scientists.
Today's Manchester University was founded in 1824 by the Manchester University of Technology and was founded in 1851, Manchester University of Victoria, the two world-class institutions in 2004 merged together. Man is famous for its rigorous teaching and academic freedom, and innovation has become a tradition of teaching and academic research. Many of the world's major achievements are from here, such as the division of atoms, the world's first program to store the computer and the discovery of graphene. Man's teaching quality has always been at the forefront of the UK's independent teaching quality assessment. The annual global university rankings are always among the highest in the world. Alumni include 25 Nobel laureates and many international celebrities.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Undergraduate professional settings
Business Studies (BA)
Development Studies (BA)
Economics (BA)
Economics (BSc)
Information Technology Management for Business (Strategy and Economics) (BSc)
Information Technology Management for Business (Strategy and Economics) with Industrial Experience (BSc)
Management (International Business Economics) (BSc)
Management (International Business Economics) with Industrial / Professional Experience (BSc)
Modern History with Economics (BA)
Business Studies and Economics (BA)
Business Studies and Politics (BA)
Business Studies and Sociology (BA)
Economics and Finance (BA)
Economics and Philosophy (BA)
Economics and Politics (BA)
Economics and Sociology (BA)
International Business, Finance and Economics (BSc)
International Business, Finance and Economics with Industrial / Professional Experience (BSc)
Politics, Philosophy and Economics (BA)
University of Bristol
The University of Bristol is a leading research university founded in 1876 and was empowered by the Royal Authorities in 1909, the first university in England to promote equal education for men and women, as the most popular and successful British university First, the University of Bristol in the 2016 QS World University Rankings ranked 37th in the world.
Known as the "engineering kingdom" of the University of Bristol has always been the British elite in the eyes of the top schools. The last century to apply for Oxford, Cambridge students almost all will Bristol University as the third choice, making cloth over the past century gathered a large number of top European elite talent. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill has served as the chief supervisor of the cloth for 36 years. The University of Bristol is the most popular in the UK. The University of Bristol is the most popular in the UK.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Undergraduate professional settings
Economics and Accounting (BSc)
Economics and Econometrics (BSc)
Economics and Finance (BSc)
Economics and Management (BSc)
Economics and Mathematics (BSc)
Economics and Politics (BSc)
Economics (BSc)
Philosophy and Economics (BSc)
University of Warwick
University of Warwick, located at the junction of Coventry and Warwickshire in central England, was founded in 1961 and was awarded the Royal Charter in 1965. Is one of the top universities in the UK and one of the top 100 schools in the world, and has gained outstanding prestige in research, teaching, innovation and business and industry relations. It is committed to becoming a world-class center with a vibrant and globally recognized higher education. The school has four colleges, 29 departments, more than 50 research centers and academic institutions. A total of 23,000 students, of which nearly 10,000 graduate students, from nearly 120 countries, overseas students have reached more than 8,600, overseas alumni 60,746. In the 2014REF research strength assessment framework results, 87% of the study was rated as world-class leading level or international excellent level. According to 2014 High Fliers most favored by the university rankings report shows that the University of Warwick ranked the top ten.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In the past 50 years, the Department of Economics has grown into an outstanding department of economics in the United Kingdom and Europe, and has a well-known reputation in the field of research and education. Department of more than 1,200 undergraduate students and more than 330 graduate students, of which more than half of the students are from overseas. In the 2014 National Student Survey, the department received 95% of student satisfaction, while the University of Warwick's economics experience was at the top of the Russell Group's ranking.
Undergraduate professional settings
Economics (BSc)
Economics and Industrial Organization (BSc)
Economics, Politics and InternationalStudies (BSc / BA)
Mathematics and Economics (BSc)
University of Glasgow
As a prestigious full-time comprehensive classical university, the University of Glasgow is closely linked to the development of human civilization. The father of economics Adam Smith (national wealth of the author), the father of the industrial revolution James Watt, the father of Scottish philosophy Francis Hutchison, the father of thermodynamics Kelvin Baron, the father of modern antibiotics Joseph Lister , The father of modern Chinese geology Ding Wenjiang, British Prime Minister Henry Campbell Bannaman and Andrew Bona Lao, Canada McGill University founder James McGill and a large number of outstanding alumni are social development and progress The contribution of world attention. So far, the University of Glasgow has trained seven Nobel Prize winners, two British Prime Ministers and four institutions of higher learning, many in the legal, scientific, business and other areas of the elite leadership, so that in Europe and the world are Enjoy a high reputation.
Undergraduate professional settings
Business Economics (MA)
Economic and Social History (MA)
Economics (SocSci) (MA)
Accountancy / Economics (BAcc)
Archaeology / Business Economics (MA)
Archaeology / Economic & Social History (MA)
Archaeology / Economic & Social History (MA)
Archaeology / Economics (SocSci) (MA)
Business Economics / Business & Management (MA)
Business Economics / Economic & Social History (MA)
Business Economics / Geography (SocSci) (MA)
Business Economics / Mathematics (SocSci) (MA)
Business Economics / Philosophy (SocSci) (MA)
Business Economics / Politics (SocSci) (MA)
Business Economics / Psychology (SocSci) (MA)
Business Economics / Scottish History (SocSci) (MA)
Business Economics / Social & Public Policy (SocSci) (MA)
Central & East European Studies / Business Economics (MA)
Central & East European Studies / Economic and Social History (MA)
Central & East European Studies / Economics (SocSci) (MA)
Comparative Literature / Economics (MA)
Computing Science / Economic & Social History (SocSci) (MA)
Economic & Social History / Business & Management (SocSci) (MA)
Economic & Social History / Celtic Studies (MA)
Economic & Social History / Economics (SocSci) (MA)
Economic & Social History / English Literature (MA)
Economic & Social History / French (MA)
Economic & Social History / Geography (SocSci) (MA)
Economic & Social History / German (MA)
Economic & Social History / History (MA)
Economic & Social History / History (SocSci) (MA)
Economic & Social History / Mathematics (SocSci) (MA)
Economic & Social History / Music (MA)
Economic & Social History / Philosophy (MA)
Economic & Social History / Philosophy (SocSci) (MA)
Economic & Social History / Politics (SocSci) (MA)
Economic & Social History / Psychology (SocSci) (MA)
Economic & Social History / Scottish History (MA)
Economic & Social History / Scottish History (MA)
Economic & Social History / Social & Public Policy (SocSci) (MA)
Economic & Social History / Sociology (SocSci) (MA)
Economics / Business & Management (SocSci) (MA)
Economics / Celtic Civilisation (MA)
Economics / E

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